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Islam and Freedom of Religon
by Randal M. Bundy - 05 February 2015

Daesh (ISIS) Al-Khansa Female Brigade
This is ISLAM.  The stuff of nightmares.  Demonic female Daesh ISIS enforcers prowling for women they can arrest and torture.   Islam will never be at peace with the world and Daesh (aka ISIS) is just one manifestation of the same Islamic evil.  One of the Islamic Doctrines is that it is a violation of Islamic law, to give up any Muslim land.   In Islam, land is declared Muslim land, once conquered, occupied, or even when a single mosque is built.   Any peace treaties are a religiously required lie and deception.  Lying is Islamic Law called Taqiya.  Thomas Jefferson signed a treaty with the Muslim Barbary Coast Pirates and the Muslims  immediately set about violating it.  Treaties are meaningless to the true Muslim.  

Of course we all know that in the Islamic World the is no "Freedom of Religion" and anyone who is unfortunate enough to have been born into a Muslim family is already condemned to a life of Hell, literally "Hell of Earth".

In the Muslim World, there really is No Freedom Of Religion.  Some religions may be tolerated to various degrees in the what could be considered more moderate Muslim countries, but they are really not treated equally by their governments or the majority Muslim populations, since Islamic Doctrine itself perpetrates religious discrimination against non-Muslims.

The Muslim World is now finding themselves victims of the very radical demonic forces "Daesh (aka ISIS)" who truly are "Demons from Hell".  However "Daesh (ISIS)" itself is what they themselves have created, nurtured and set loose upon the world.  The only miscalculation on the part of the Islamic World and the Muslim Mothers and Fathers responsible for the birth of "Daesh (ISIS)" is who their actual targets would be.  They have in fact created monsters that are turning upon their own creators as well as anyone else they can find within their grasp.  The Muslims world has created these monsters and set them loose upon the earth but are unable to control them nor the carnage they committing.  People who join "Daesh (ISIS)" are those who really are soulless and have been molded by the Islamic World to have no conscious.

Some people might actually think that Islam and the Muslim world will undergo some sort of reform, rehabilitation or renaissance of some kind, but I do see this ever occurring. They have had 1,400 years to realize that Islam itself was inspired by demonic forces whose prophet was a mass murderer, serial killer, rapist and pedophile.

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