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Randal M. Bundy

Iraqi Christians Fighting Back Against ISIS
by Randal M. Bundy
Iraqi Christians Fighting Back against ISIS / ISIL

The difference between these dead ISIS Terrorist is that these men were Armed and fighting when they were killed by Iraqi Christians who were fighting back against the ISIS Invasion and what they knew would be their own slaughter if they were captured or surrendered.  These men's bodies were NOT desecrated as ISIS does when they have killed captured or lied to their enemy to coax them into surrendering and then behead then or line them up against a ditch and gun them all down.  That is what ISIS does.

War is not a pleasant even, except to the blood thirsty Islamic Terrorists such as ISIS, HAMAS, Al Quida and others who behead non-combatants such as American Journalists who they capture and Woman who are Aid Workers trying to help feed the Iraqi victims of War. 

I show you this because if you are Christian anywhere in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, or anywhere in the middle east, including the Kurds, the Yazidi and any other ethnic group, even the Sunni themselves are all targets ISIS.  You must organize and fight with all of your heart and soul and kill the enemy with no mercy.  It is they who are the aggressors who intend to annihilate you, rape your woman and kill your entire family.

To my American and European Readers, we can expect the same slaughter from the various Islamic Terrorists, some who are active right now and also from those who are not yet active.  And it will come from those who are right here in our own countries who the idiots who ran our governments for the past 40 years have invited in, some as refugees and others simply as immigrants. We must all wake up from our slumber and prepare to defend ourselves, our countries, and our people from the onslaught of the Muslim Hordes that are assembled against us.  Ultimately every single Muslim must be driven out of our homelands and back to what every lands they came from.  For if we do not, then none of us nor our families will ever be safe from them.

To my European friends, if you have to throw every single leftist bastard in your Government out of office or hang them for treason, then do so.  Those who years ago stripped you of your rights to own and bear firearms, they must neveer hold public office every again.  They are the ones who are responsible for the introduction of this Muslim Threat into your lands.  You can not depend upon your military and police for security or your legal system either, all have simply turned the other way as your woman have been raped and your country has been stollen out from under you.  In the end you must rely solely upon yourselves and your firearms.  How are you going to do that when you have no firearms because your Governments brainwashed you into thinking that your societies would be safer if no one was armed. All those leftist theorie have now been completely proven absolute lies.  The real reason they wanted you disarmed and helpless is so that you could not take you country back from their tyrany.  They feared you eventually taking up arms against the bastards who betrayed you and hang them from the nearest tree, which is where they do belong.  You and all of Europe need the break free of this Anti-Gun Mentality, and reincorporate the culture back into your own societies one and for all times.  

You must take your countries back and if necessary by force.  The alternative is that you will all die at the hands of the invading hordes of Muslim Savages while those of your leftist political leadership who brought you this destruction will all flee to safer lands and leave you there to fend for yourselves.


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