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Iran with Nuclear Weapons, Threats against Israel
Randal M. Bundy - 01 October 2014
Obama and Netanyahu
This photograph taken 01 October 2014 at a meeting between Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. 

Personally I agree completely with Benjamin Netanyahu regarding Iran and my recommendations would be simple, "Drop the Big one on Tehran", they've had it coming to them now for years.  Put an end to it all right now.  No one in their right mind could actually blame you or Israel.  Secretly many people are actually hoping you will.  Certainly Obama will never do anything except babble incoherently like he usually does but when push come to shove, he would rather just go play golf and smoke a little crack with his celebrity buddies.

Before you camps about the two points I just made here which are (1) - Iran with Nuclear Weapons presenting a serious Threat against Israel and (2) - Obama's drug induced coma in regards to world events, I will explain as clearly as possible and keep it all also as short as Possible.

Israel has not presented a Threat to Iran but Iran has gone out of it's way to present a very real threat to Israel's existence.  Iran has claimed to be developing nuclear reactors for the purpose of providing nuclear energy for it's country, and claiming initially they had absolutely no intentions of using it for development of Nuclear Weapons.  Of course the entire world was supposed to be stupid enough to just take their word for it and believe that.

However the only governments and people who actually believed that are those who "WANTED" to believe because they are actually "insanely" sympathetic toward Islamic Terrorists or  are anti-Jewish / Anti-Israeli or simply those who are such cowards they do not want to face the fact that Muslim countries and a good percentage of their people are for the most a Clear and Present threat to the rest of the Non-Muslim world.  As a matter of fact they are also a threat to other Muslims as well who may be of various sects of Islam.  I am particularly referring to the conflicts between Shiites and Sunnis. 

So here we have Israel and the Jews whose communities are sometime literally within a stone's throw of those who want to run them into the sea or wipe them completely off of the face of the earth. The Palestinians and their fellow Arab-Muslims who support them in their eternal war against Israel have had every opportunity through out history to make peace with the Jews, coexist on the same land and yet the Palestinians have refused.

So what is Israel to do?  There really is no alternative for Israel, it must be prepared to fight at any time, day or night.  Figuratively speaking it must "never sleep".  I hate to use such clichés but "when you live in a tough neighborhood full of ruthless bullies, you have to be tougher than they are". 

Jews remember all too well what can and will happen to them as a people if they are not prepared, willing or able to fight.   Preparedness for any fight is not something they have the luxury of taking lightly.  Israel must Sleep with one eye open and a loaded Uzi under the pillow.   The sad fact also is that Israel can not depend upon anyone other than itself.  Sure there many countries who are friendly with Israel, but the reality is that just in the case right now with Obama as President, the United States, can not be relied upon for help and assistance, and that is NOT anything that I am proud of.  As a matter of fact Obama has allied and surrounded himself with Israeli’s sworn enemies.

So in the above statement where I said, "Drop the Big one on Tehran", what I mean when I say that is that it must be an option that must ALWAYS remembered by those who want to destroy Israel.  The only alternative is to one day being conquered by the enemy and that simply is unacceptable for Israel.  Personally I know that the options of being conquered by an Arab-Muslim or Persian-Muslim enemy would be unthinkable when considering the brutal barbaric treatment which ISIS is inflicting upon those non-Muslim and Muslim alike who are unfortunate enough to have been taken prisoner by ISIS as it sweeps it way across Syria and Iraq. 

The reality is also that Israel’s enemies are the same people who make up Isis, they are the same mentality with the same goals.  If the Muslim world knows that if they are ever successful in over running Israel’s defenses and Israel sees that it will be conquered, then it is better to take the entire Middle East down in Nuclear Flames along with it.

If anyone is shocked by that statement, then they are not living in the real world.  It is the difference between a young man in America growing up in as safe and secure upper middle class neighborhood and another young man growing up in the inner city of places like Chicago, Los Angeles or Brooklyn, New York.  If you are going to survive those places, you better be tough. 

Another way of illustrating my point familiar to me as the hunter in the wilderness.  If you find yourself confronted with hungry wolves, you do not wait for them to encircle you from all sides, as they will, you attack them first and you make sure your weapon is a large caliber semi automatic with a 30 round magazine and “You Fight Like Hell”.

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