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Iran Begs U.S. for Help to Rescue Iraq's Shia Government
by Randal M Bundy - June 15, 2014
ISIL at Baghdad
Iran (Shia Muslims) now say they're "willing to cooperate with the USA" regarding ISIL Forces (Sunni Muslims) who have swept across Iraq within one week and Conquered city after city.  In fact they are actually begging The US Forces to come back to save the Shia Controlled Iraq Government
Wasn't it just a week or so ago that I saw video of Iran Sponsored Demonstrations where the crowds, under the direction of Islamic Clerics were chanting, "DEATH TO AMERICA" as they have ever since the Shaw was overthrown by their own Persian-Muslim Fanatics and Terrorists? 
In fact hasn't Iran been behind the destabilization of the entire middle east and let's not forget that it is Iran who has sponsored so many attacks upon Israel that even I can not keep tract of the numbers.  Speaking of Israel doesn't Iran still hold Israeli Prisoners of war?
Iran has in fact dispatched two Battalions, estimate to be perhaps as many as 2 thousand troops of it's Military to assist the Iraq Army.  However I think that will have little effect if any at all since the estimated 1,000 ISIL Forces swept through city after city and effetely routed an entire Iraq Division of 30,000 Strong and they did it within a week.
In fact the way I see it is Iran is shaking in the boots and have soiled themselves at the thought that they too will be eventually be confronted with ISIL Forces.

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