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As an added note:  This file was originally uploaded in 2013.  Since that time many videos which I placed here have disappeared from youtube which had  examined the detail and evidence of the Sandy Hook Incident.  Many of those videos have now just disappeared from youtube and their accounts have been closed.  Is it a coincidence or has the US Government of Obama as Dictator been behind it?  If any videos presented here also disappear, then you can imagine why. Could The Sandy Hook Shooting have actually been one of the biggest scams perpetrated upon the American Public in the History of this Country?  Could Obama have perpetrated this scam in order to try to sway the American people into going along with Obama's known desire to disarm the American Citizens?
- Randal M. Bundy - 17 October 2014

Proof Sandy Hook was a FEMA Drill
Sandy Hook Hoax: This Didn't Go as Planned
The Happy Sandy Hook Actors

Sandy Hook Shooting - Investigative Files
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax A

by Randal M. Bundy

Is there is anyone in this day and age who actually believes what the Government says is the truth and is accurate?  If so, then I feel sorry for them, that they are so easily deceived and manipulated by people who flash badges or government credentials or because people with educational titles say it is truth or simply because a News Journalist presents it as fact.

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died
May 1, 2015

Wanna Learn Who Did SANDY HOOK?
This Government has been presenting lies to it's citizens for as Long as it has existed.  By now the lies outweigh the truths.  It doesn't seem to make much difference which political party is in power or who is actually president and appears to be running the country.  It is a two card monty and we, who they refer to as “the little people“, are the ones whose money pays their ridiculous salaries, yet only to have them treat us with contempt.  Have you noticed by now that the only time you hear from these elected officials is when they want your vote to secure them another 4 years in office? 
Official Claims DHS Involved in Sandy Hook
Now the problem with the entire Sandy Hook Shooting matter is that too many things just do not add up and too many things appear to be concealed.  Furthermore it seems to have happened at a very convenient time for the Anti-2nd Amendment Democrats and Obama’s Administration whose goal it has always been to strip us of our Constitutional Rights.  These leftist forces are pushing for gun control but we all know to well that gun control is only a prelude to the ultimate outlaw of all private owned guns of all kinds. We know their ultimate goal is confiscation of all firearms presently in the hands of the Law Bidding Citizens who in fact do have a right to own and bear firearms in accordance with The Constitution of the United States, 2nd Amendment.  Those who are the "Anti-2nd Amendment" are so arrogant they actually think they are wiser than our founding fathers were who made sure the 2nd Amendment was included as part of the Bill of Rights.
Investigator Questions Sandy Hook Shooting
I will be working on this Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting situation and some of the other so called mass shooting which have occurred and will be disclosing my findings here in this article as time goes on.

Please note also that from the very beginning of the Sandy Hook Shooting, the Police and Political Authorities refused to disclose any revelant information, claiming an on going investigation.  Which is rediculous since there was no one left to prosecute.  Also very interesting to note is the authorities refuse to release the bodies of the children claimed to have been killed, for what to me seemed like a very long period of time, but left them there, and would not even permit their parents to come to them to say goodbye or to pray over their bodies.  Lastlu I also find it very strange indeed that the entire school was demolished and that even since the schooting no one from the media was ever permittedd inside.

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