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I recall the words of leftists who are part of Obama's inner circle who have said,  "Never let a good Crisis go to waiste".  This is straight out of the leftists handbook and is instruction one which the leftists follow completely.  They will turn everything into crisis and they use every crisis or even the slighest incident for their own political gain and this has been  Obama's policy one through out his entire political carrer.  Even when a protest or mob outrage seems to be spontanious, think again and look a little closer and you will find that Obama's agents of influence are right there in the midst of it all and so is their money financing what they want you to think is a response to a shooting, a racial assault or a civil rights violation.  Sometimes they have even created and orchastrated the incident and in order to achieve their political objectives.  Remember the The Reichstag Fire in Berlin on 27 February 1933.  

In the incidents which I have investigated previously and the ones I am currently investigating, some were in fact orchastrated and other were examples of which Obama and his cronies exploited to their political advantage.

Some government agencies such as FEMA may have in fact been created by former presidents for good and useful purposes but under the Obama administration has been twisted to serve a political goal and their mission objectives have been rewritten thus recreating the agency into a machine of Political Persecution, as we have now found out the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been.reformed to persecute Obama's Political enemies where posible or debrive his political enemies of IRS services such as in the case of Tax Exempt status.  

Some of the files cover events such as the Tate - Labianca Murders and Kennedy Assasination (JFK) contained in files:  (01) -  Kennedy Assassination Who Killed JFK and (02) - Kennedy Assassination Update Who Killed JFK.
Of course Obviously both of these incidents have nothing at all to do with Obama as they occured long before Obama was even on the political scene.  However these serve as examples what I am talking about, that Nothing is ever what it seems at first glance.
- Randal M. Bundy - 12 July 2015

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