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Illuminati, New World Order, Global Elite
and Ruling Families of the World

by Randal M. Bundy
Illuminati New World Order
Is there really certain people, sort of like a "Secret Cabal" who have the capability of  ruling the world or influencing Government Policies and even Orchastrating Wars because of their wealth?  
Yes there most certainly is.

Do they refer to themselves as the Illuminati or the New World Order?  
They may very well call themselves whatever they want to at any given time but that really doesn't matter.  What matters is the fact that with that kind of wealth available to them they could in fact change the entire course of history which they have in fact done many times.

To give you an idea of the way the mind of these people works let me give you an example.  I personally know a person who is very wealthy, but not anywhere near the level of let's say Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild as an example.  However for this particular geographical area that I live in his wealth can certainly influence politicians and government officials on a local level.

This person regularly contributes money to both political parties so that regardless of which one wins, they will owe him favors.  Since these politicians know that this person is in fact a "secret source" of More Money in through out their term in office and during their next campaign.

The amount of money he contributes to all of these politicians is mere pocket change to him.  You could take all of the money he contributes to all of the politicians through out his entire life and it would be less than he makes in a single day.  My friend is a small time operator in comparison to those who really are part of what some people refer to as "The illuminati" or New World Order (NWO).  Now consider the potential of these people to control world events  for both their personal financial gain and simple for the power that it yields the.  I suppose that having more money than GOD eventually no longer trill some individuals and the must have something greater than simple financial and business success.  Perhaps they have a need to feel like GOD himself and that need if fulfilled in some ways by deciding the entire fate of populations, Governments, Countries and even future generations.

Do not be fooled by their participation in or their running of so called Charitable Organizations and Non-Profits, they are really in it for the money, the power and the disguise of tax exempt organizations is an added bonus for them too.

Now let's consider for a moment history itself.  Wars have been initiated by these people and events have been manipulated by them too, including the outcome of who will win and who will loose.  However even those who think they have won, have actually also lost to these predators.  National Debt has been created and that debt must be paid off.  It matters not to any of these people who wins or who looses, because when you study in depth it all becomes so very clear and you find out that whatever money they have lost by lending to those they have chosen to loose their wars, the profits yielded from the victors makes up far more than what they have lost.  Remember my friend who contributes money to both politicians fighting each other for that political office?  It is the same thing, except on a far greater and grander scale than my friend.

So does the Illuminati or the New World Order actually exist?   You bet it does!
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