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Just as a note:  We often hear in movies and even on TV shows. Mexican and South American's using the Word, "Gringo".  It should be known by all people of White European Ancestry that this word in Mexico and South America does not have the same harmless meaning as it does in Spain.  It is actually as derogatory and insulting as the use of the words, "Nigger", "Spick", "Kike", "Gook" or "Ching", Honkey" and "Craka (or Craker)".

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National Council of La Raza - translation: The Race)

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Invasion Plans of the USA
by the Reconquista (Re-Conquering) Movement

by Randal M. Bundy - July 08, 2014
That plan as stated by them is the Re-Conquering of the areas shown below on the map in various shades of Red.
Illegal Imigrant Invasion Azlan in the United States
Illegal Imigrants and the Invasion of the US - Territories considered for "Aztlán"
Those involved in this movement at various levels have even claimed the entire continent itself and have clearly stated in their manifesto their intent of "ethnic cleansing" of Whites, Blacks, Asians, Orientals and all others whom they consider NOT originally native to this continent . 

So their basis for this is the simple belief that they were here first.  It was a belief for many years and among some ignorant people who subscribe to that belief that the so-called “Native Americans” or what are also called “American Indians” were here first and were Asiatic people who had traveled down through “The Bering Straits”  Well they did in fact travel that route and migrated through out the north and south American Continent, however they were actually NOT the first to set foot on the American Continent. 

Obviously they have not been keeping up with the latest Archeological Discoveries and DNA Research which has confirmed that White Europeans were actually the first people to set foot on the soil of the American Continent during the last Ice Age, approximately 20,000 ago.  This is estimated to be at least 5,000 years prior to the Asiatic People who migrated across The Bering Straits at the end of that same Last Ice Age.

Solutreans Are Indigenous Americans Paleolithic Giants in America (Solutrean / Clovis)
So if we are to accept their reason for their reclaiming of a portion of the Western and South Western States, then they, the Asiatic must acknowledge that they must leave because it was white Europeans who beat them here by about 5,000 years.  Of course we do not demand that they leave the continent, however we do refuse to allow them to illegally immigrate here from their own countries beyond our southern border.
What the illegal immigrants who are invading are looking for is essentially a free meal ticket and a raised living standard at our expense, Welfare payments, Free Housing, Free Food, Free Healthcare, Free citizenship and anything else they can get for free at our expense.  What those who are behind this invasion are doing is flooding our boarders with the people they know will vote for whoever promises them all of the "Freebe's" the entire world things is available to them, if only they can set foot on this US soil.  The Democrats want their vote and the democrats are willing to bankrupt the entire country and destroy the economy to get it.  Neither the Illegal Immigrants nor their Democrat Handlers are capable of actually looking ahead and realizing the disaster that awaits all of us along with them.  One simply has to look at the countries where the illegal’s come from to see what the US under their majority will look like. 

What the illegal’s are faced with in their country is failed governments and economic systems and a failed society with no opportunity for themselves and no opportunity for their youth.  Much of it is their own fault as they obvious have no sense of self control or birth control which further stresses their societies.  Obviously in there countries there is no such thing as public assistance for poor people or mother and children.  However according to their way of thinking and the design of the Obama administration and his intentions of destroying the American Economy and you have now borders with no one guarding them and by the thousands you have the hordes invading across our borders. 

This above image of the United States illustrates what exactly is the ultimate intent of the invaders is and what it is they are a part of.  Quite simply the Invasion of people from Mexico into the United States is also a  deliberate plan to overrun us.  It is a deliberate part of what they in Mexico call Reconquista or in English , "Re-Conquering. 

Reconquista (Re-Conquering)

That means to take back by overpopulation of their own Hispanic people that area which was  formerly Mexican-dominated lands in the Southwestern United States.  These lands were annexed by the US in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and became the present-day states of California, Nevada and Utah; and parts of Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.  This is part of what they consider to be the Old Mexican Empire.

There plan will be, as mentioned to dominate these areas with their own people and follow with secession.  However it doesn't end with secession, The final plan includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African and Asian descent out of what some of them refer to as `Aztlan.'"  For those who are not familiar with the word Azlan, I suggest you research further by following that and other racists movements and organizations which are also listed below.

Furthermore they are not stopping at those states which were originally part of Mexico, as they are also claiming more states to the North of those already mentioned.  They intend to accomplish this by simply out populating whites and blacks in those states. 

How absolutely amusing it must be for them to at this time to be living off of the White Man's Tax supported Welfare, Food stamps, Free Housing, Free Medical care, and hell we even pay for the births they have.  In essence we are paying with our hard earned dollars for the next wave of solders who will one day be waging war against us and slaughtering our families.

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