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Jewish Holocaust Investigations
Research and Investigations by Randal M. Bundy
first begun in 1974
and first posted online 16 July 2015


Before I start into this matter let me first dispel any assertion by anyone claiming that I am   engaging in any sort of Holocaust Denial, as no where in any of my research papers do I make any such claims. Nor can anyone rightfully question my motives for this research other than to find the truth, void of bias, errors, inconsistencies and misconstruing of historical fact.  In short the same ethics that every true investigator must subscribe to, I search for the unvarnished truth.

Let me assert that I have all my life been a student of history.  I am also a well trained and educated investigator and have been long before I began writing news Reports for the RMB News Report.  My background is as a legal investigator in which I have a strong tendency to dissect and examine even the slights evidence and weigh it's authenticity, importance and value.  My work has been used in quite a number of court trials and litigation and I have worked for some of the finest Trial Attorneys in the country.

There is an old American saying, "I have no Horse in this Race",  That means quite simply that I have no invested interests or any particular side in the matter of the Jewish Holocaust.  I am neither Jewish nor am I German.

It is absolutely true that I have had many friends who are Jewish and I have been in very successful business relationship with Jewish people.  To some degree I have studied Yiddish and Hebrew as well and the history regarding the Jews and Hebrews.  I feel comfortable with Jewish people as a general rule, although there are certain sects that I do not feel comfortable being around and do not share their radical views.  I will not mention what sects those are but my Jewish friends will already have an idea of what groups I refer to,

I do not doubt the existence of the Jewish Holocaust, but I do question the accuracy of the accounts of events that some of those who claim to be Holocaust Survivors have made.
Rather their inaccuracies and inconsistencies are due to simply old age and memory loss or from intentional dishonesty and fabrication, I think it may perhaps very well be a little of both.

I have 40 years some odd years ago spoken to Surviving Former Members of the SS who were of the Officer Corp, NCO Ranks and Regular Enlisted Men of all ranks and status.  This all took place when I was in University and conducting historic research.  I found these Former SS men to be very open and seemingly honest about there involvement and activities during the second world war.  I have not found any inconsistencies from the personal accounts and stories which I also checked and verified through other historical sources.  I concluded these SS men were telling me the truth. 

I have also researched the accounts of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and although it was never my intention from the very beginning to attempt to cast doubt on their account of their WW2 experiences, I have found inconsistencies through the stories they have told.

Below I am posting links to various news articles, reports and documents which may pertain to this topic and in the left column will be the aspects of my investigation which is for the current time still on-going.


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