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Illegal Immigration Solution
by Randal M. Bundy 17 July 2015

The country of Hungary has begun building a border fence along it's border with Serbia in order to Stop illegal aliens from entering their country. It is expected to be completed  December 2015. The combined efforts of their military personnel, the unemployed and prison inmates have already broken ground on the temporary solution to the country’s border crisis.

What an absolutely fantastic idea, which the U.S. Government should take note of and learn from and implement for our own southern border which as we know is wide open and largely unsecure.  If the U.S. Government needs help, well just put all of those illegal aliens who presently have parked their asses in our country and who are enjoying free meals, free housing, free medical care, clothing allowances and many more benefits that were oeriginally designed for assisting American workers and single parents raising children without a father.
The U.S. Government could also hire the unemployed American Worker and pay them a decent wage.  They should hire the American U.S. Military Veterans as supervisores and deputize others to guard the illegal aliens which will also be required to help build that very same fence that will help prevent any future illegal aliens from entering our country.

After this endevore is completed we can send all of the illegals back across Mexico's border, since it was Mexico that encourage, instructed and assisted in sending them across our  borders in the first place.  It is also known that the Mexican Government even purchassed advertising in Mexican Newspaper instructing them on how to obtain welfare, food stamps and other public assistance benefits once they got here.

No need for any lengthly judicial involvement.  If you're ass is here and you have no papers to prove that you entered legally, the "out you go", it's really just that simple.  The president could issue an issue an executive order and site national security as the reason and as evidence he could also site the evidence that shows without a boubt the spike of Crimes across the country which are being committed by illegal aliens resulting in a 30 % increase in every crime known from Murder to rape, Child molestation and rape, robbery and every other crime against the American people you can imagine.

They made it here to our soil by foot, they can be sent back home by foot Sure we'll give them water, food and change of cloths for the trip and we will send Mexico the bill.  If Mexico does't pay the bill, we'll close the border to any American Tourists wanting to travel to Mexico.  Believe me the economic repersussions will make it so that their flooding our country with there problems, i.e there criminal, there insame and spycopaths and misfitic misfits

Does that sound harsh?  It will be crazy to continue to allow this invassion from the southern borders which ultimately rakes up further uncontrolled dept spending as a direct result of an unsecure Southern Border.

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