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Illegal Aliens say, “The children are our Passport to the U.S.”
by Randal M. Bundy - 05 November 2014
Illegal Aliens
Undercover Reporter who is Hispanic from California, reports,
Illegal Aliens saying, “The children are our Passport to the U.S.”
Keeping in mind that at my core, I am still an investigative Reporter.  So the other day I traveled to a number of different locations in order to try to get a close up view and insight into the illegal aliens populations and their activity.  I had a Spanish Translator with me, my friend Carlos who is American Born is of Spanish-Mexican Ancestors.  He lives in California where his ancestors have lived ever since the Spanish first came to the America's.

So we were operating sometimes completely under-cover, which simply meant that we were not openly being reporters and our cameras were small concealable ones easily disguised as something like a book or simply a button on my jacket.  The second place was at the local Hospital and the third was out in front of the election polls.

At the inter-city welfare office, we encountered a large group of people who were obviously from a Spanish Speaking country.  My friend Carlos assessed they were from the far southern region of Mexico and he told me that their Spanish was of a dialect difficult to understand, as it was actually a combination of Mayan and Spanish all jumbled together.  He said he was able to understand most of it and was able to communicate with them.  He pointed out that even in Mexico and most other countries south of our border, these people were of the very lowest class and are known to be common criminal elements.  He said also that much of the legal problems they encounter in their home countries of Mexico and further southern countries, is primarily because of their backwardness and cultural conflicts and ignorance of Laws.  Carlos told me that in Mayan and other Culture of what he described as “Tribal Cultures” which are in Southern Regions of Mexico and Central-South America and according to their laws, murder, rape and theft are not looked upon the same as in Mexican Society.  In other words in their particular culture, the laws do not exist.  He said that when these isolated tribal people migrate, they usually end up in jail because of their savage behavior involving especially rape of woman and even children.

Carlos had a somewhat lengthy conversation with a number of them to try to find out Why they had traveled all this way to America, which to them certainly would have been completely alien to them in their society.  Carlos said that quite a number of the had told him that “Their children were their Passport to the U.S.”  Carlos asked them where they had all learned this?  They said that their were people who had visited their villages as far back as 2010 who were teaching them that in America they would receive free money, housing, education, medical care and much more and they did not even have to work, that it was all free.  Carlos asked them how they came up with the travel money to get here through this long distance they had traveled?  The answer was astonishing and Carlos was visibly somewhat in shock and speechless when they told him these Americans has provided each family with approximately $2,000 US dollars to make the trip.  Carlos turned to me and with astonishment said it all came from American Tax Payers Dollars.

You see Carlos is NOT an illegal alien and he too has said that these people are as much a danger and threat to the people who we in America refer to as Hispanic.  Carlos went on to describe that these people who are coming here ARE NOT Mexican as we think.  They are in fact people that even in Mexico are a danger to anyone who they come in contact with, rather the people are Mexican or American and they are actually being Imported into the heartland of America.  Carlos said that even in his own local communities of California, which are mainly people of Spanish-Mexican Ancestry who have lived in that region of California since the later 1500's, these people would be viewed as a severe threat and would NOT be welcomed or accepted.

So our little visit that afternoon pretty well showed that the Obama administration was behind this suddenly and mysterious crashing of our borders by unaccompanied minors as well as adults.  It was planned and orchestrated by Obama through some of his agents who were dispatched to these Southern Mexican and Central-South American Countries.

Several days later when Carlos was leaving to return to California, he told me that Americans, White, Black and Asian really do not completely understand the dangers that Obama is unleashing upon all of our American Society by bringing these people here.  He told me that this is not a racial  matter but that it is ethnic and tribal and their will be major conflicts in which the American Hispanic People, like himself and his family will also be targets these types of Illegal’s. He said but these illegal’s are invaders.  That was his words, not mine.

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