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Illegal Aliens get preferential Treatment, while out of work and Homeless Americans live under Railroad Bridges
by Randal M. Bundy - 29 March 2015
Illegal Aliens
According to the Pew Reseach, the rate of Illegal Alien Males in the workforce is 12 percent higher that U.S. born males and it is all by Obama's design.  An illegal immigrant male residing in the United States is more likely to be gainfully employed than a male who is a legal immigrant or U.S. born citizen, according to a senior demographer at the Pew Research Center think tank.  

This is is a deliberate and Systematic Discrimination of All Natural born American citizens in favor of Illegal Alien Hispanics and a Deliberate Persecution particularly toward White Native born Americans.  At a time of economic crisis and high unemployment, Obama has deliberate made the crisis even worse under his presidency. 
Illegal Aliens
Obama has done this with his internal policies of higher taxes and greater government restrictions upon existing business and those newly developed businesses.  He has also done this with "Obamacare" which is socialized healthcare, comparable with the failed countries like Cuba and North Korea.  As for the actual true numbers and statistics of Unemployment,   Obama's government has "falsified the true unemployment numbers to appear to be lower while he and his cronies appear on TV in front of the American people and says "the nation is in a recovery".  However these numbers he presents due to the fact of people's unemployment income has run out and they are removed from the unemployment rolls.  They are either moved to the Welfare roles, if they are lucky enough to qualify or they simply move in with parents or relatives or they become homeless and live off of the streets.
Illegal Aliens
Obama's deliberate and systematic discrimination of All Natural born American citizens in favor of Illegal Alien Hispanics and a Deliberate Persecution of Native born Americans, particularly toward White Americans is accomplished by his policies of incentives toward business that have survived this economic crisis.  Obama has done this by rewarding those business owners with financial incentives or hiring illegal’s plus by having the largest employer in America, the U.S. Government  hire only Illegal’s during his entire presidency or those of his loyal cronies.  He has creating scoes of new government agencies and expanding hiring of existing agencies for this sole purpose.  It has been calculated that Obamacare alone has cause the establishment of over 100 new US Government agencies, most of which we do not even know about.
Illegal Aliens
Look at the photo above and you get the idea now of how the illegal alien invader really feels about the White and Black native born American?  You, the native born American is paying for these people's housing, medical care, food, clothing, you even pay for the car they were given free of charge by the government,  you pay for their education and their children’s education and they get preference over you, should they actually desire to have a job and work for a living.  In the meantime I personally know of American Native born Americans, Black, White, Asian-Oriental, Hispanic and American Indian who are homeless and living under railroad bridges through out American.  I have interviewed them and some are recent veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, yet Obama has deliberately excluded them from consideration for Government jobs by this and the private sector is rewarded more for hiring illegal’s than for hiring a vet who has fought and bleed for his country.

Consider also when Obama open the flood gates and actually dispatched various government personnel to travel to Mexico, Central and South American countries who spoke on TV and radio station in those countries to invite illegal’s of all ages, minor and adults to illegal enter The United States.  These representatives of his also initiated a massive newspaper advertising program, to help accomplish his goals of flooding the US with those he knew would in time be an enormous voting block for the democrats.  All this was paid for by the very same people he intended to and is now discriminating against and persecuting with his international policies. 

Now consider also the cost to the American Tax payer for just one illegal alien and his family that we, Native born Americans are having to pay for.  It has been calculated that the average welfare recipient in American is receiving with cash, food stamps and other benefits and average equal to a $45,000 year job.  Now calculate that with the millions of already illegal’s who are here and just since Obama has been in office and has invited more.  The hundreds of thousands that he has invited to come here, and have come in just one year could be in several hundred thousand easily, plus every single one of their family members will also be entitled to come here. 

How can any country survive this economic pressure placed upon it?  Well that is just the point, it can’t survive.  How  can any society such as we have survive with this influx of people of a particular racial and ethnic identity whose doctrine is Reconquest and are racist against the already existing races who are in that country?  That too is just the point, it can not.  The country will be in a civil war and it will touch all races and all ethnic groups because it will upset the entire balance. 

In Mexico and South America, the well guarded secret and seldom ever spoken about in the American Press is that Racism toward Blacks and Whites is taught in every single school and so is the doctrine of not only reconquest, but so is the wholesale slaughter of the White and black populations too, after during and after recon quest. 

Illegal Aliens
Obama's Plan
Under Obama the US Government completely under his control has run up the national debt to the point surpassing all of the debt the US has ever incurred during its entire history, all put together.  Their is no way this debt can ever be repaid.  Of course this was with the explicit intent to crash the American economy. 

Consider for one moment Mexico as a prime example of what happens to a country that can not repay it's national debt that it was foolish enough to incur in the first place.  Mexico had borrowed money from France back during it's early existence in the 1800's and after Mexican independence from Spain.  When Mexico defaulted on those loans, France cut them off and in an attempt to recoup their money, France invaded Mexico and attempted to took over it’s government.  That was sort of like a repo-man coming to reposes your car that you failed to make payment on to the finance company. 

As a result of Revolution and Independence from Spain and War with France, Mexico slipped into a status of a third world country and has never recuperated.  Even to this day, Mexico is still a third world country, of course partially due to internal corruption, over population of illiterates, incompetence of leadership and for the most part a non-existent business sector as a result of both over government regulation of the socialist type. 

My objection to the illegal aliens is not a matter of race or ethnos, since I too hear the same objections from my Hispanic friends who are American born citizens and whose families have lived here for generations.  The last thing in the world they personally want is to wave the Mexican Flag, as I see many of the Illegal’s from Mexico doing.  The last thing the native born American of Hispanic ancestors want's in to live in a conquered and occupied portion of the United States which has be ceded back to Mexico. 

Anyone in the United States who would actually want to live in Mexico, well it's not hard to drive to Mexico and take up roots there and live under that corrupt government and country infested by drug lords and ruled by drug cartels.  That's what the future is for the United States, or a civil war between them and the American people finally get tired of their country being deliberately destroyed right in front of their very eyes. 

Now the Black American for the most part also realizes that this invasion and conquering of the United States by those who may “romantically” see this as a “Reconquista Movement” and retaking of land that was really never even their in the first place.  As mentioned before the people who actually did live on this land, in the states they have targeted, their ancestors live right here, right now in the United States and are American Citizens who I have described as Hyspanic.  These people flooding our country are actually Tribal people from lower Mexico and some from Central America and South America.  They are the overflow of people from those regions who the Governments of those countries are glad to get rid of by sending them to us to feed, house and provide for and of course at our expense.

The black American knows or should know, that when it comes to discrimination and persecution against them, these illegal aliens rank at the very top of the rank of persecution of black people. If anyone is in doubt of that, they simply have to take a little close examination of sectors of major US cities that use to be considered "Black Communities" and they will find out that the black families are being deliberately being pushed out of their own neighborhoods by the incoming Illegal Aliens and the Hispanic Gangs that follow them.  The black man is also finding out the level of violence against them is unparallel to any other threat against them that they have ever seen in their entire history.  One need only read the unfiltered news reports coming out of Mexico to conclude that the only possible comparison is ISIS and other Muslim Terrorist toward Christians, Kurds and Yazidi.

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