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Illegal Alien LGBT Protests
by Randal M. Bundy 10 September 2014
Illegal Aliens Gay Liberation Gang aka The Illegal Alien Homosexual Gang aka The Imported Fruit Cake Committee
Illegal Alien's "Gay Liberation Gang" aka "The Illegal Alien Homosexual Mob"
 or perhaps "The Imported Fruit Cake Committee

For those of you who are not yet "Policically Correct" and do not know what the term, "LGBT" is, it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Trans-Gender.  At least I think that's what it means or it could be Transvestite or whatever.  Either way if you have been in the news media for a while you learn all these Politically Correct Terms, rather you want to or not.  Rather I will ever learn to speak or write anything that is actually, "Non-offensive" is yet to be seen.  At any rate here we are now folks, another special interest group, I introduce to "The Illegal Alien Homosexual Gang" or perhaps I will refer to them all as "The Imported Fruit Cake Committee".  What you ask, "we don't have enough of these freaks already in our country, so we now have to import them from far away Hell Holes"?  That is very "Politically Incorrect" of you!  You must now surrender yourself for sensitivity training, re-education and reprogramming, the same as me.

Seriously though and all joking aside, isn't there anything more important for all of America to be concerned with instead of a bunch of men who want to be women and women who want to be men? Perhaps the downfall of the United States, the American Economic Calapse, the infiltration of ISIS and other radical muslims, how about freedom of speech as well as the entire Constitution which is under threat by this Obama administration?.  How about World War III which is looming on the horizon?  No Apparently those things are not as important as rather a person has breasts of a woman or not. Furthermore people who vilolate the Laws of the United States by breaching our borders and ignoring our immigration Laws, live off of our welfare system and Government Benefits including free medical care, while American Service Veterans are homeless.  And then to compund matters these same illegals DEMAND we give the Citizenship  .............I think you can imagine about how much sympathy they get from me. - Randal M. Bundy

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