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Survival and the Coming Crisis by Randal M. Bundy

If this was actually a shooting war
by Randal M. Bundy - 05 November 2014

The final Election Results are below.  There may be some contested results but as it stands now the following seem to be accurate.

House of Representatives - Republicans - 248 / Democrats - 187
Senate - Republicans - 53 / Democrats - 45 / Independents - 2
State Govenors - Republicans - 31 / Democrats - 18 / Independents - 1
House of Representative for 2014
If this was actually a shooting war - the Patriot Resistance in Red and the Obama Zombies in Blue, we Patriots would have the Enemy completely surrounded, divided and cut off from each other.  It would be like a Turkey Shoot.  There would be little chance of  Obama's Zombies winning any battles with a War Battle Map like this.  In the military the first thing that every officer learns is NEVER divide your forces and never allow the enemy cut you off from your supply lines. 

This map above would be clear indication they are already divided and cut off in every sector and are under siege. Even their own capitol is surrounded and their defeat is immanent.  The only thing they could do would be to pray to GOD, but since most of the Obama Zombies are Atheists who do not believe in GOD,  well then their out of options. 

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