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Idiot Jihadist Cavemen Captures Airplanes
By Randal M. Bundy September 04, 2014
Captured Airplanes
So now the Idiot Jihadist Cavemen have captured a number of Airplanes:  Photos Surface of Jihadists Allegedly Posing With Captured Jetliners in Tripoli

This is what the American President, Barack Obama and his Secretary of States at the time, Hilary Clinton has brought to the country of Libya and the entire world.  Not Freedom from the dictator Kaddafi but the introduction of the Radical Bloodthirsty Islamic Terrorists and the chaos and instability it brings. Obama has brought to them a "World in Flames and Destruction".  He is what the Bible has Warned us all about.

Obama has recently visited Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and he has made promises to those people and their countries regarding their national security.  These are promises that he can not keep and has absolutely no intentions of honoring.  They are lies from a Mad Man, a Narcissist and an Incompetent Idiot.

I recommend that those fine people of those East European countries do not place your faith in the United States under the Obama Leadership, because you will be disappointed and when it comes to anything this American President or his administration says is deceiving you.  Obama has deliberately set the entire world on fire for his own insane ambitions.  Do not fall into the trap he has set for you.  I am an American and I love my country.  I do not want to see the fires of Obama being spread to your countries and your people. 
- Randal M. Bundy, Editor and Publisher, RMB News Report.


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