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ISIS Claims Jordan, Mecca and Medina, says Allah Wills It
July 06. 2014 - by Randal M. Bundy
Poetic Justice since Saudi Arabia has been know to support and finance these murderous butchers, rapists and poster boys for the inbreed swine and misfits that are know to inhabit the Muslim Middle East.  Don't forget that marrying your first cousins is sanctioned and even encouraged by Sharia Law,  The end result of over 1,400 years of this practice of close interbreeding has created the Monsters that we have seen through out history and at present.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has now issued a declaration that Muslims around the world must adhere to its recently announced caliphate.  These jihadist fighters say Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia will be the next targets after Jordan.

For years the Saudis have played both sides of the fence, and to use the old cliché, "The Chickens have now come home to roost.  I feel no sympathy for the Saudis as they have cared nothing at all about the rest of the world who have been victimized by the same radical maniacs who attacked the World Trade Center and brought it down, as well as the Attack on the pentagon. 

The Saudis actual financially supported the radical terrorists, although the actual amount was millions of dollars, it was in fact to the Saudi’s on pocket change but with out that financing most attacks against western Targets could not have occurred for simple financial reasons.

According to various sources inside the Islamic State formerly known as Islamic State of Iraq and Al- Sham (or Greater Syria) (ISIS) for short,  Both Saudi Arabia and ISIS are Sunni, but the fundamental differences between the two are that ISIS, like the Muslim Brotherhood abhors monarchies.   The Islamic State (ISIS) is hoping for a general revolt among the Saudi Military against the King and the Saudi Royal Family and that those in revolt will join ISIS and this Caliphate they are attempting to install world wide.

After Saudi Arabians well know support and financing of not only ISIS but almost every other Islamic terrorist group on the planet why should we in the west shed one drop of American, European and Christian Blood in their defense?   Perhaps we will in fact just sit back and let them all kill each other and whomever survives the bloodletting will be far easier for us in the west to eliminate as a threat to us and the rest of the world.  We did not originate this move to eliminate a people who are different from us, who share a different ideology and religion that we, it was in fact the Muslims over 1,400 years ago and they have continue this war against us every since.

As for the cities of Mecca and Medina, I would prefer to turn each of those cities into a way station of prostitution for travelers in the middle east.  A suitable slander and derogation toward the Cult of death presently being peddled off as a Religion.

So it looks like Saudi Arabia and Jordan are now under the gun from ISIS.  In short time I believe ISIS will in fact attack both with lightening force as the did in Iraq and Syria.  Except this time they have millions of dollars which the have captured from banks in the territories they have conquered.  The also have some very sophisticated military hardware and equipment.  Rather they actually know hoe to use them and are proficient enough to conquer the more well trained armies of Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be yet to be seen.  They also have stated they have their sights upon Lebanon too.  ISIS has now felt empowered by their string of good luck.  However they are in act up against pretty well trained and motivated Militaries with Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  Both of These Countries and Lebanon will most likely have air superiority over ISIS forces which should be a deciding factor in success or failure.

My assertion to Saudi Arabia is, "Do not call us to solve your problems now.  We have learned form the mistakes of the past.  When we came to the aid of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and whom without us, both would now be occupied provinces of greater Iraq.  How did the Kuwaitis and the Saudis show their gratitude toward us, for the blood we shed in there defense and those of our countrymen who died?  They required our woman soldiers to wear burghas or head coverings even while on duty on post.  Iraq required our female soldiers to adhere to Sharia by also cover there heads.  However we did not require that Saudi and Iraqi Woman to discard their traditional dress and attire and wear western cloths while they were in our country.

So Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and any other Muslim Country now being targeted for conquest by ISIS, do not call us, we no longer want to be of help to you after you have been for years playing both sides of the fence and discriminating against us who were actually trying to help you.  You are now on you own, hope that works out well for you.


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