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How To Fix the Damage Done by Obama and his Cronies

by Randal M. Bundy - 03 August 2014
Obama The Anti-Christ
How do we repair the damage done after 6 years of Obama and his Anti-American Cronies? 

01 - Stop being Silent and Civil about this matter.
Get angry, raise your voices in anger, raise you fists in anger and if that does not work, then be prepared to assault the political leadership in this country, drag their asses out in the streets and hang them from the lamp posts and telephone poles if necessary.  That's right use the very same strategy and tactics they and their third world allies have used regularly against us.  Their allies, the Illegal's invade  across our borders, and then we see them by the thousands marching in the streets, often even waiving the Mexican Flag on our soil and demanding that we grant them immediate citizenship. 

That's right they are committing crimes to get here in the first place and every day they wake up and are still here they are committing crimes by simply being here.  Furthermore they expect us to reward them by giving them amnesty and granting them citizenship.  Of course along with that too will also mean they can legally vote, and will in essence, vote you and me completely out of power.  They will in time be the majority and then we will see the real persecution of our race.  Try that shit sometime with them in Mexico, see if you do not get your assess kicked by the police and the regular citizens in Mexico. 

The Obama administration and all of the leftists have full intentions of giving away everything that we have in this country and all that has been accomplished in the United States for more than 400 years since we of European Ancestry stepped foot on this soil.  

The Silent Majority in the United States is a phenomenon that has existed for as long as I have been alive.  Obviously the first step was to all along oppose everything Obama has been doing, to be vocal about it and be brave enough to stand up against it.  This is what has all along been known as the resistance and it has made it more difficult for Obama to achieve what he really wants.  It has also influence those members of Congress who want to be re-elected.  Be grateful to those people like Randal Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rick Perry and others in Congress and in the state Governments who have stood up to Obama instead of being like those "Tired Old Country Club Republicans and RINO's who find it easier to just go along to get along and who have no real fight in them.

02 - Focus on the real crisis, get your asses out and vote, become informed, become aware and become politically active.
Stop allowing yourselves to be distracted by useless sport events and Hollywood Gossip. We must remember that we have an election coming up in November.  This is probably our last chance we will have to save our Country from the doom that Obama has in mind for all of us, our country and our people. Vote Republican even if you do not completely agree with each and every Republican Candidate.

I know how some people feel about the Establishment Republicans and I agree completely, however some people have said that the reason we Republicans lost the second Obama election was because the candidate was Not Conservative enough and that nearly 6 million republicans who voted in 2008 just did not bother voting in 2012.  Obviously this spitefulness cost us the election and handed a victory to Obama.  We can not afford to have these people do the same again.  They must get out and vote Republican, even if it means holding your nose to do so.  Crucial is winning the Senate and unseating Harry Read and also to secure more of a majority in the House of Representatives.  So VOTE Republican!

03 - Impeachment the Basterds and Bring Criminal Charges against them.  Hell if necessary hang all the Conspirators and Traitors
Sure this might be a figurative example of punishment, but hey, I will accept it for Conspirators and Traitors.  If we win in November, then by all means we can proceed with not only impeachment of Obama, as well as whoever we can of people in his administration and those who he has appointed who are corrupt party hacks and leftists such as the Attorney General Erick Holder.  All of these people actually need to be prosecuted and imprisoned, not just impeached.  To allow these bastards to get away with what they have done to our country and it's economy is not a case of incompetence, it is in fact a deliberate attempt to destroy our nation. 

Prison is where they belong.  If we do not prosecute them, then we are allowing them to "set precedence for any future Tyranical Dictators in the future to commit the same types of crimes with impunity, and that is just unacceptable.  In fact we must insist that No One Is Above The Law, Not Even The President and Not Even the Attorney General nor anyone.  In other countries they do convict their former Presidents who have been proven to be corrupt, why should we in the United States permit amnesty toward  these  criminals.

04 - Return to Sender, Send the Illegal’s Home, No excuses, No pardons and absolutely No Amnesty.
Illegal Aliens, Illegal Immigrants
As for all those people who have entered the United States as Illegal immigrants, they all must be deported with No exceptions.  We must all NOT believe the crap which has being peddled to us by members of both both parties, which is that we can not secure the border all the way from Texas to the California Coast.  My answer is that no matter what the cost is, we must secure the border.  It cost us more money to process and house these bastards than it would be to build a two walls along the Mexican Border and in between those border and place Consentino Wire on the tops of those walls.  If necesssary we can even place Land Mines in between those walls to keep those who want to invade our country and live off of welfare and other benifits designed for relief of our own people.  If you calculated the cost of all the illegal aliens livng in our country who are on welfare and public assistance, that alone cost far more than it would cost to errect the border walls and hire more border  guards to police the border and emediately rreturn those who have entered illegally.  Why should we even have an immigration hearing and endless apeals for people who have invaded our country.  Besides if we can put a man on the moon, we can secure the God Damn Border and we CAN afford it.

I am fullu aware also of the racial discrimination that Obama is committing in regards to those who apply for refugee status based upon Religious Discrimination.  Not long ago a white family who objected to the state run educational system in Germany on the grounds that the educational system violated their rights of Freedom of Religion due to conflicts with the established educational system in Germany, yet the Obama administration continually rejected their application and sought to deport them back to the country committing the violation against their religion.  Fact is it was all about the race of the applicant, yes they were a white Christian couple wanting to raise their White children in the Chritian Religion.

We must also remember that none of the illegal aliens comming from South of our borders are doing so for any reason that would qualify them for refugee status, they are in fact coming here for economic advantage.  Additionally they have been taught and conxed in how to "Trick the System" and the teachers have been the people sent to those third world countries by Obama and his administration.  The end result is the orchastrated Invassion of our country by people that Obama and the Democrats think will always vote democrat.  Of course all promisses have been made to them by Obama and the democrats in order to have them eventially vote democrat.  It is a political purge and on a very grand scall.

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The Standards of Immigration Control and the proper flow of Immigrants into the United States have been violated and ignored by both parties for years.  Sometime influence from the Big Business Interests.  The motivation is to combat the growing demand by the Unions and those who desire a decent living.  Thus the desire to have a permanent slave society who will work for low wages

The entire purpose of controlled immigration is to allow those immigrants to integrate into the United States society without destroying it.  It was also to allow people from other countries such as England, Ireland, France and other parts of Europe to immigrate here too.  However what we have is a majority of people from third world countries flooding into our country.  People who are proven to hate our people, especially the majority white population.  Where has it ever been written that we must sacrifice our own white society in order to be fair and equal.  Could any of us immigrate to any of those third world countries that I refer to?  Hell no!  Try it some time!  As a White person of European Ancestry, go to the Mexican Embassy sometime and tell them that you would like to become a legal immigrant to Mexico with the intentions of becoming a citizen of Mexico and be able to work in Mexico.  Do this with any third world country and see what the reaction will be.  Racists they are toward white Americans and White Europeans, but yet we are expected to welcome them with open arms, those who are racist against us?  We are also expected to financially support them and their numerous offspring they produce with out any regard to being able to provide for them.  We are suppose to just smile as we provide them with a better living than most of us are able to provide for ourselves and our families.  We have 90 percent of the illegal’s coming here from Mexico and South American Countries and in time the will dominate.  If you want that and the results of it, then you can always travel to Mexico and South American and look around and see what it will be like in our country when they have become the majority and we become the minority.  Yes, I do say again, that all of those for the past 40 years who have come here illegally be return to their home countries and those who have been born here also be returned.  Close the flood gates.

The American Public does not really understand that in Mexico and most of the Central and South America, there are numerous races and classes of people.  As in Mexico, it is a very complex class system that has existed their since the beginning of Spanish Settlement.  It exists today and at the very lowest levels of their society, exists those who are actually the majority of those who are entering our country illegally.  They are for the most part the illegal aliens that we have entering our borders.  They are also the very lowest class of people in Mexico that Mexican Society for the most part are glad to get rid off.  In other words like the Marian Boat Lift that occurred many years ago, Mexico is dumping all of it’s social problems on us.  The word Hispanic is a made of term, it was created  by the radical Marxist and other leftists organizations.

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As mentioned earlier, I foresee the division of the United States because of a race war that will erupt.  I do not wish for it, but I see no way top prevent it.  How it all will end, I do not know,  If the south western United States falls to the Hordes flooding in from Mexico and South America, then it is only a matter of time before every single white, black, Asian and any other racial and ethnic person learns that they will have to flee because of the violent hostility toward them and their families by those people who are a part of the Greater Azteca Movement that are in fact at the very heart of this Illegal Alien Invasion.
These people are in fact probably the most vicious and racists people on the American Continuant. No my friends the Real Dangerous Racists elements on the American Continent are in fact NOT the White People of European Ancestry, NOT the Black People of African Ancestry, NOT those who we have traditionally refer to as American Indians,  and they are not the people who we in the United States traditionally think of as Mexican who do have Spanish Ancestors of varying degrees.  Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Mexico in particular and other societies south of our border do in fact know the difference. 

Read my Article about the Vicious and Racist Azteca Movement that makes Hitler and the Nazi's look like harmless and misunderstood mischievous school boys pranksters (Available Soon)

Those people who have been conscious and aware of what has been going on around the over the past 50 some odd years are fully aware of what is referred to as "White Flight" in places like Detroit and other major metropolitan locations in the United States which has occurred as a result of increasing friction as a result of Black Persecution of White People and it has been happening all across the entire United States.  Sometime in the not too distant future I see a a country completely divided in such a way that the actual lines will be difficult to determine.  Of course by that time, the economy will have already collapsed and who knows exactly what the landscape will look like.  Certainly the United States will look nothing like it did when any of us were growing up here, in those times before the destruction by the leftists.

I foresee a Landscape and situation similar to Beirut, Lebanon, except of a much grander scale.  This is what Obama, the leftists Democrats, the Liberal mentality and the United Nations will have brought on not only to the United States, but the entire world.  Look at Britain, France, Spain, and any other European Country as an example and yes, even Canada has fallen under the “national suicidal influence” of the leftist-liberals.  It is only a matter of time Canada too will see racial conflicts on it's own soil as the invasion from not only those south of our border, but from all other third world countries who social and legal systems actually encourage racial persecution of people of other races, and especially those of white European Origin.

Does any one actually wonder why the leftist-liberal-democrats want to take all of our guns away from the American Population?  Look at what a mess they have made of things since they have come to power through out the entire world.  They have actually brought most country through out Europe to their knees.  Worse of all they deliberately planed it this way.  It has been their plan all along.  It is a violation of National Security and they have exposed every single man, woman and child to danger by the careless and ill-conceived ideology known as "Multiculturalism ".  The deliberate throwing together of people of many different races, cultures and ethnic groups.  How it is that they could not predict the results escapes me, unless for some reason in their twisted minds they actually knew that the results would be racial conflicts and devastation in general.  Social engineering is and the Multiculturalism will lead to racial conflicts.

Because I am a life time student of History, I also see the parallels between the United States as an empire and the Roman Empire whose leaders made the very same mistake a long time ago, of mixing the races and it lead to the downfall of the Roman Empire.  We are seeing right here before our very eyes, History Repeating itself once again.


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