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'They finally have the vehicle to make it happen'
Supporters of same-sex marriage may think they’re simply making the world a fairer and more equal place, but they are unwittingly helping the radical left destroy marriage and the family, according to professor and author Paul Kengor.

Obama Hecked at White House LGBT Pride Event and Said to the Heckler:  you’re in my house.”
In fact it is NOT his house, it is the people's House and he in only a Usurper in it, much the same as an unwanted guest who refuses to leave.

Trans woman interrupts...

If you're confused about the terminology, you're not alone.  Apparently this person refered to in this article was born a man, still is a man but if a freak who thinks of himself as a woman and dresses up as one.  Rather he has actually had a sex change operation, I'm not sure.

However it is humorous to learn that the very same people who Obama has lead our country to decadence for are now attacking him, apparently this person was still disatisfied with Obama in regards to the Transgender issue and the person is also an illegal alien demanding citizenship or amnesty.  
- Randal M. Bundy - 25 June 2015

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