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Hillary Clinton's Circus Sideshow
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is traveling the country attempting to convince whomever will listen to her, recognise her or know who she is, that she is just one of them, the regular folks of America.  In reality though is much differenet as for most of us, we know that she has always regarded everyone else on this plantet as, "The Little People".  In other words to her and her type, we are just ignorent peasants who can not think for ourselves, we must be told what to think.  Her type also think we are not capable of raising our children by ourselves,w e must have big government agencies staffed of course by democrat cronies to raise our children.  

Recently Hillary Clinton's staff, obviously acting upon her instructions or dictates have publizised instructions to the media and public of what words they may not use to describe Hillary Clinton and questions the news media may not ask her.  That does not sound much like the average American person to me.  

Hillary Clinton is not now, nor has she ever in her entire life actually been a "Regular American". She has no clue on earth what is important to the average American and she can not relate to the average American's daily struggle to maintain a job, pay their mortgage or rent, put food on the table for their children to eat.

Hillary Clinton runs around the country during this weird campayne of hers to win the Democrat Presidential nomination and her slogan is simply, "Isn't it time a woman is President".  Hillary is using her Gender as some type of qualification to run a country.

In the case of Obama, the leftists slogan was "The First Black President" and now after 6 plus years of deliberate destruction of our economy and society, The United States by now should have learned a very valuable lesson that "Race" is not a qualifying factor.  It should also be obvious to all that Obama has screwed this country and a good portion of the world up as well as sabataging the national security of our country and that of our traditional allies around the world.  

This of course did not happen "becasue he is black", but because people did not bother to find our "what he was, what he believed in or what his true goal and motives were".

Hillary Clinton
On a serious note, This is a more accurate image of what Hillary Clinton really is inside and on a more humorous note the follwoing image also reflects what Hillar Clinton is.
Hillary Clinton
So the United States leftists, liberals, black racists, radical feminists, radical homosexual maffia and the rest of the coalition of the naieve and insane achieved electing their first black President and what he turned out to be was the usher of destruction.  Now a sizable portion of those same idiots want toelect their first woman president.  I can only imagine what fate awaits this country if that does happen.  The damage that has already been done by Obama is ireversable and we still have a little about 1 1/2 years left for him to accomplish his true goal, which is to bury this country, right along with those true, faithful and loyal allies who also targets in Obama's crosshairs.
America in the Crosshairs
America in the Crosshairs

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