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Hillary Clinton
Mulsim Brotherhood Infiltrators and Spies
by Randal M. Bundy - 08 May 2015
Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

Huma Abedin Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrator and Spy Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner
Huma Abedin - Mulsim Brotherhood Infilttrator and Spy?  Many suspected she is and it is well known that she does have Muslim Brotherhood connections within her own emeddiate family.  How she ever recieved any clearence is still a mystery.  Perhaps she has no clearence at all.  Obama himself has broguth people into the white house aand government who would have been unable to pass a security background check if they had applied to work for the government.  Of course the same can be said about Obama himself as well as Hillarry Clinton too for her ties to radical Marxists.

The picture above right is Huma Abedin with her husband Anthony Weiner back when he was a Senator.  Now for those who do not know it, Anthony Weiner is Jewish and Huma Abedin is Muslim whose family is from Pakistan.  Regardless if Anthony Weiner is a "Practicing Jew" or not, for the Muslims this would be the ultimate offense for a female Muslim to commit, “Sleeping with the enemy”. 

Now really folks, how many people really are so naive, uneducated or uninformed on matters of Islam and the Muslims to think that a good Muslim Family would actually permit and approve of their daughter violating the most ardent Islamic Policy of allowing their daughter marry a Jewish Man? 

Additionally how could Anthony Weirner himself actually be so stupid as to believe “it could be love”?  He too would be violating his own religious doctrines, unless she were to convert to Judaism, which we all should rest assured Did Not Happen.

The answer to my question should be obvious.  Anyone who is at all familiar with Islam and it’s history will have already come to the conclusion that such a marriage would actually have already been approved and sanctioned by the Mosque because it was part of the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood.  She was in a perfect place to be the eyes and ears of the Muslim brotherhood  in the U.S. Senate since we can not disregard what is called, "Pillow Talk" amongst married people.  We all know of course that Anthony Weiner resigned form the Senate in disgrace, but Huma Abedin also is in a pretty good place, with her already cuddly relationship and employment with the wicked witch Hillary Clinton.  This enabled Huma Abedin to be the eyes and ears of the Muslim brotherhood inside the U.S. State Department and if by some fluke of nature Hillary were to actually win the presidential election, then just as in the case of Obama, the Muslim brotherhood would again have eyes and ears and influence inside the white house and indirectly through out every agency of the U.S. Government as they already have right now with Obama.

The idea of a Muslim Family with origins from Pakistan permitting any member of their family even associating as friends with a Jew, is simply unheard of.  It would actually lead to what is known as "Honor Killing" of their daughter or even a son and if the parents did not react to prevent such a marriage, then they would come under scrutiny of what is referred to as "The Muslim Mafia" which operates from the Mosques.  No Muslim anywhere in the world, yes even in the US are immune  from themselves being targeted for vengeance by the thugs of the Mosque. 

The father of the offending person would be confronted, usually late at night at his own house or at his place of business and given an ultimatum, "take care of this problem or we will take care of you and the rest of your family".  Everyone knows exactly what they mean "take care of", they are issuing a "death warrant" or a demand.  Everyone in the Muslim Community knows they are also very serious about it too.  They have the thugs within the Mosque who would do it without question or hesitation. 

To me it is and has been from the beginning obvious what Huma Abedin's True Role Is.  She is a Mole, a spy, a liaison between the Muslim Brotherhood and the people in power in the U.S. Government and she is the influence the Muslim Brotherhood needs.  She is also no doubt the “money changer” who can funnel the cash when needed to the right people.

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