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Hillary Clinton and Her Marxist-Socialist Comments
by Randal M. Bundy - 26 October 2014
Hillary Clinton and Coakley
In a Speech at a rally for Coakley's Campaigne Hillary Clinton recently tells the audience, "Do not ever let anyone tell you that Businesses Create Jobs".  Now anyone who has Studied Economics and Business or has simply worked for a business owner, right about now are scratching their heads and thinking, "Is this woman Insane"?  Or is She just completely ignorant?

Actually she is simply playing the typical Leftist-Liberal Politics of Envy or Class Warfare..   Turn the rich against the poor and hope to scup up some votes.  It is a typical Marxist-Socialist strategy.  They themselves really do not believe what their saying.

It is what people like Elizabeth Warren have said too also in her campaigns and it is the same thing that Obama said in reference to business owners, You didn’t build that, other people built that for you.  Of course what’s being ignored is the fact that the business owners paid for the services of those who built the building where the business owner has his business. 

For anyone to put forth the proposition that the business owner somehow should not be credited for their business success alone, is simply a twist of the facts.  The guy who laid the foundation himself can not take credit for the success of the business and neither can anyone who pays highway taxes or any taxes directly or indirectly to provide such services which the business owner uses for the operation of their business.  No it is the business owner who took the chances and invested their hard earned money in an idea and their dreams.  Sometimes people are lucky in business but more often business fail and generally no one is their rescue the business owner and help them. 

Now of course it is a very good idea for a successful business owner to be generous toward his employees out of gratitude for the hard work they do.  However in the end the employee must also be realistic and realize, that job is what pays their mortgage, buys their food and feeds their families.  A little gratitude and appreciation is always in order toward the Business owner.

People like them are playing own a very old human nature of Envy, which is why GOD instructed Moses to include it in the 10 Commandments.  It may be natural.  We have all caught ourselves at one time or another being envious of someone else.  That someone else might be more successful, have a better paying job or  have a bigger house.  They may be more attractive than we are or their spouses are better looking that ours.  

It is the same with employment.  If person “A“ screws off every day in University and does Not get an acceptance from a Law school, can the other guy be blamed for studying and getting good grades and ultimately making more money that the guy who screwed off? 

What kind of society would we have where people who do not succeed as well as the next guy, yet still gets paid tas much as the other does?  There have been countries and societies who have tried it and failed.  It is called socialism and there is not one country on the planet who can actually claim success with it.

Generally hard work does produce success as long as the Government slays the hell out of the lives of business owners and the people.  Sometime hard work does not bring success.  Sometimes the world is just simply not a fair or kind.  At lease when people live in a society which understand and recognizes the Free Market Enterprise System, then people are happier, they are more successful and additionally the reasonably charged taxes do flow into the government.  However if the incentive is greater to stay home, live on welfare rather than going out and trying to become successful, then you will have what we now have in European and becoming more so in the USA, a failed society.  All that government has to do for the most part is permit the opportunity and stay the hell out of the way.

Hillary Clinton herself is a Capitalist, do not yet her convince you for a moment.  All you have to do is consider the amount of money she charges for her speaking engagements.  You don’t really think she attends all those political rallies for free, do you?

She contradicts her own words because every time she speaks rather she has an agent who does the booking and a personal manager or if she has staff who does it for her, someone is making a living at by working for her.  Additionally she ends up contributing to some airplane pilot flying a private jet making a living.  Hillary Clinton herself and what she does constitute a business.

As a final point in mind, the ridiculous and tacky turquoise necklace Hillary is wearing for this event was obviously made by someone  who probably worked for a company that produces these tacky necklaces.  Thus Hillary's purchased actually helped the business owner make a profit and pay his employee for the work he or she does.  That employee may otherwise be homeless and living under a bridge, wondering where their next meal will come from.  Therefore Hillary can be commended for her support of business and free market enterprise, although I am sure that she did not recognize what she was actually doing when she eyed that thing and bought it.  Some worker out there who made it is very grateful to her and the job they do have.
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