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 Happy New Year 2016 and A Patriot Message
From Randal M. Bundy - 01 January 2016

My personal wish for this New Year is that the True Patriots of our country can “take back our country” from the Crypto Muslim Obama who usurped the presidency and his coalition of leftists who now occupy and controlled every single Federal Government Agency of our Government. 

Hopefully we Patriots can achieved this by electing a True American Patriot or if necessary by means described by one of the Original American Patriots and Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson when he stated,
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants".
The License that exists for such an action as he described has always existed for Free Men and Woman but was confirmed by The Founding Fathers themselves when they too found it necessary to Repel 
Tyranny by Use of Force

Those who have usurped the current presidency and government through illegal means have spent the entire past 7 years trying to Circumvent the Constitution or by Blatantly Violating it and the Rights of our People.  These current Tyrants and Dictators are no different than those of the past whom our Founding Fathers fought.  Therefore they deserve no different treatment for their similar crimes against the people of our country presently.

The Bill of Rights as part of the Constitution as written by the Founding Fathers is The Supreme Law of the Land and no one, regardless of rank or status is above that Law.  No one who holds any office of the Government, regardless election or appointment, regardless of achieving office by illegal means, as we have seen or by legal methods has a right to alter or do away with the Bill of Rights either in whole or in part.  For those who do attempt do so, it is not only the right of every single free man and woman to throw the bastards out, it is also their duty and obligation as Patriots to actively do so by whatever means possible if necessary.

Thank you to all of my readers and supporters who have been with me all these years. Thank you also to the vast Patriot Support for our Country that I have seen and witnessed through out the past 7 years and the struggle that each and every one of them have made. Thank you to the American Militias that have formed and have stood up to the existent Tyrants.  Thank you to the County Sheriffs across this country who have come to the defense of the Constitution.  Thank you to those of the Patriot Tea Party Members.  Thank you to the Patriotic Conservatives all across this country who individually and collectively been on the front lines of the battles we have waged over the past 7 years and who will continue their vigilant defense of our country.  Thank you also to the National Rifle Association and all of it's members.  That you to all mentioned here and those I have unintentioally failed to mention who also have stood on that same Front Lines in these Battles Against the Tyrants and Dictators who seek to strip our citizens of the Constitutional Rights granted to all of us by GOD and Confirmed by our Founding Fathers.