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Gun Talk & the Second Amendment:
by Randal M. Bundy - 11 April 2015
my AKMS and FM FAL
This is a recent photograph of my two favorate Weapons.  I have flipped the photo to better view these two very good frinds of mine.  Above is my FN-FAL - 7.62X51 mm which is the same as the standard .308 and very common in the USA.  This FN-FAL of mine is one that does have stock bi-pod which folds nicely snug against the hand guards.  Below the FM-FAL  is my AKMS - 7.62 X 39 mm with Holigraphic Site and of course the folding Paratrooper Stock and custom lower hand guard.  I am in the process of additing a new dust cover for the FN-FAF which has the scope mount so that I will be able to add a Holigraphic site and also be able to interchange with a standard sniper scope.  The AK also gives me the capability of addiing a scope to it.  The AK already had the scope mount bracket on the left side so the scope mount attackhes onto the left side.  I would have prefered a top mount for the scope, but unfortubnately the AK's have a dust cover that does not afford a nice snug fit.

When it comes to what is considered, "Battle Rifle", these are the two that I prefer and have found they can handle the stress of rapid fire and perform well without the overheating that I have sometimes found with the AR platforms.  Both are of course more heavy that the AR, but both are what I would want to have with me when the SHTF, which we should all by now realize "is coming".

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