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Gun Talk - AR-10
by Randal M. Bundy - 19 November 2014

Don't Be Left Unprepared, Buy A Weapon

My choice which I am very pleassed with is the Armalite AR-10- this particular one is made by Armalite but Smith and Wessson makes one that is also just as good.
Armalite AR-10
I have a few other items which I consider to be essential but are not shown in this picture.  The forward hand grip, which is also has a calapsable bi-pod inside as well as the Holigraphic Sights and Magpul Magazines, instead of the metal one shown above.  I also have a more expensive Scope which I prefer.  I will be placing images and details about the additional accessories later today.  Below is an example of the Retractable Rifle Grip Bipod that I prefer and use.
Retractable Rifle Grip Bipod
Retractable Rifle Grip Bipod
A very simple and logical configuration.  You have two essential items all in one. It keeps the weight and bulk of your weapon to a minimum. When firing a weapon if you do have the option,  it is preferable to fire from a prone position and this bipod is well suited, with or without a scope.  Even without a scope and using only iron sights or holigraphic sights and at a distance of 300 meters, my shot is dead on target every time.  With a scope I would feel comfortable taking a shot at maybe 600 meters.  Beyond that distance, well a deer can consider it his lucky day.  Sure you can take a shot at a much greater distance but then you have all those calculations to work out and then an enjoyable day out deer hunting becomes more like work instead of leasure time.
Holographic Weapon Sights / Mini Red Dot Sight
Holographic Weapon Sight
Holographic Weapons Sights, whoever came up with this techology was true brilliant and I hope he or she has made a hell of a lot of money off of it.  May take a little getting use to it at first but in short time, you will never want to be without it.  Military Officers in command of combat troops in the field swear by it and will make sure each and every one of their troops uses them.  They have long ago discovered their kill ratio is drastically increased.  That's good enough for me.  The cost varies of course depending upon many different preference such as magification and other things.  The one I have is basic, no magnification and does the job quite well for me at an out of pocket cost of about $69.  Get one, learn it, use it, you'll love it.

Scopes can be very expensive depending upon your needs.
Thermal Rifle Scop
Thermal Rifle Scope - Ok sure I know what you're thinking, hunting a deer in the dark?  Well why not.  If you have the money to lay down for this little toy it will set you back about $3,300.  For a sniper actually in the field this does give you an certain edge over the enemy who just might be a little less equiped than you.  You probably won;t find too many of these at the local gun shops though.

I have always written, in the past that I am not particularly a fan of the AR platform however I have changed my opionion somewhat in recent times and have purchased two different weapons which I have tested by firing probably about 3,000 rounds through each one.  The results I have found are very possitive.  Obviously with this weapon I can easily mount the scope, shoot I need to go dear hunting or for something a little more serious, or for more common use I can just use the Iron Sights which are already on the weapon and as seen above can just be folded down for when I am using a scope.  If I prefer to use Holigraphic Sights, not shown here, they can easily be mounted and takes just a few moments.

First off I have always prefered a higher caliber weapon such at the 7.62 mm (308 cal.).  This all came about while I was in the U.S. Army.  Like everyone else I was trained on the M-16A1 which fired a 5.56 mm round.  This of course was standard issue weapon for all soldiers, while in Basic Training.  

At my second assigned unit at 1st Division, Ft. Ryle Kansas.  Now although I was initially assigned to a Mechanized Scout Unit, I chose to go through a course for Specific training for the LRRP's platoon.  The standard issue weapon for the LRRP's platoon was the AKMS and of course it fired a 7.62 X 39 round.  Now I didn't realize it at the time, but being part of the LRRP's platoon would be a crucial event for me, which would later, down the road, lead me to becoming part of an Intelligence Battalion and experience some pretty interesting assignments.

Ever since first being introduced to the AKMS, of course I was hooked.  The AK is a very basic weapon but it is reliable for the most part, fairly cheep to buy, easy to field strip for cleaning and putting back togeather.  It is basically idiot proof.  For a basic weapon, yes it is great.  However their are generally some draw backs with it.  One of ccourse being that it was never really designed for an sights other than the Iron sights that are standard, and the work very well.  However trying to mount a scope or any moern signs requires modification to the weapon and it still just does not turn out that well.

Instead of going through the expense and trouble of modification I chose to break down and buy an already designed weapon with the picatiney rails for those times that I do want to use a scope or holigraphic sights, but I specifically did not want the standard AR-15 with the 5.56 mm round.  My choise was the AR-10 with the 7.62 X41 mm round which will fire the standard 308 caliber round as well.

Now I am not trying to discourage anyone from having the standard AR-15 as it is a fine weapon, light weight, high velosity round that will be just fine in most cases.  Usually the AR-15 can be purchased fopr around $650. whereas the AR-10 goes for around $1,100 -$1,200 price range.

Don't forget to stock up on plenty of ammon and don;t forget the oil and cleaning supplies as well

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