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Greece is now in an Economic Death Spiral
by Randal M. Bundy - 4 June 2015
We are all seeing right now before our eyes is the The Economic Death Spiral of Greece which was actually predicted long ago by Economic Experts but they still to the day refuse to acknowledge that their failure is due to their embracing of Socialsm which began in the days of their grandfathers. As a direct result Greece now has 
        (a) - No Economic growth,
        (b) - higher unemployment
        (c) - a debt level rising further to 180% of gross domestic product.
        (d) - a flood of illegal aliens and refuges all consuming their welfare programs and social benefits, while returning absolutely "Nothing" to the nations economy in the way of taxes or spending in the local economy, becasue of the EU demands imposed upon Greece as they have for all countries in the EU in order to destroy any sense of National, Racial or Ethnic Identities of the European people.
Alexis Tsipras
Alexis Tsipras, Radical Socialist Greek Prime Minister
Tragically the Greek people still do not "get it".  Long ago people like me were ignored when we argued that Socialism was in fact the core root problem that would be the death nail of Greece and any other country or society that embraces it as an ideology, economic principle or form of govenance.  Along with that leftist-liberal metality of socialism has also come:
(1) - Uncontroled and Frivolous Spending,
(2) - Unlimited Taxation upon the people, thus destroying entrepreneurial incentive
(3) - Demonizing, Persecuting and thus discouraging Entrepreneurship and the Freemarket Enterprise.
(2) - Allowing Illegal Aliens and refugees to flood your country and live off of your welfare programs
This and much more is what eventially comes from Embracing Socialism.  Eventially you run out of other people's money.  People who have for the most part actually worked hard to earn it.  
In the past elections the Greek people elected to their highest office, a Radical Socialist, Alexis Tsipras.  Tragically  the majority of the Greek people still do not understand the core root of their economic problems.

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