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Girl Scouts Welcome Cross-Dressing Boys into their Ranks…
The Girl Scouts of America (GSA) is the latest organization to cave to pressure from the LGBTIQA lobby, adapting its policies to extend membership to boys who identify as girls.
Penny Nance from Concerned Women for America called the decision “just one more slap in the face to Christian parents.”
Girls participating in the scouts will now be obliged to recognize transgenderism as a normal lifestyle, critics say.

Girl Scouts Organization
and the Backlash to the leftists who infiltrated it
by Randal M. Bundy - 09 March 2015
Browny Girl Scouts Corrupted by Leftists and Lesbians
The entire image of the Girl Scouts Organization has been tarnished and corrupted by the leftists and and lesbions promoting and advocating to the young girl scouts leftist social issues such as abortion and sick deranged issues such as acceptance of Lesbianism as a acceptable alternative life stle.  In other words they have always wanted to get your young daughtaers alone so they can not only corrupt them and convert them into their own warped world.  It is the same with the boyscouts being forced to admit openly homosecual and transsexual boys and boyscout leaders.  

Once the image has been tarnished by such things, that image will be forever burned into the minds of every single normal and decent American Parent's mind.  This is what happens when a society gives in to the demands of a small minority of sick people who deliberaately infiltrate any societies institutions which had as their original goal to provide a healthy and 
happy envirnment for young people to be influenced.  It is the same as a customer visiting a resturant or a business and being treated rudely and abusively by the employee, that customer will never forget that bad treatment and the memory will be forever burned into theeir minds.  The chance of that customer every coming back to that business will be slim to no chance at all.

I have said all along the sick minded people's true intentions have always been to "get unsupervised access to your children and their minds".  The people I refer to are the leftists and yes certainly the homosexual and lebian elements of every society.   Unfortunately the people who are most harmed by the now tarnished image burned into the minds of American parents is the young children who are members of the girl scouts as well as boy scouts who are truely in need of possitive reenforcement in this otherwise twisted and demented society that has been allowed to flurish.  However it does go back to the old thing we learn in university referred to as cause and effect.  The girl scouts organization is now witnessing and feeling that effect. 

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