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Girl Scout's Leftist Leadership brings Membership Losses, Cookie Boycotts and Bankruptcy
by Randal M. Bundy - 20 October 2014
Girl Scouts
Well of course the vast majority of American Parents of young girls, withdrew their daughters from the Girl Scouts and called for a National Boycott of the Girls Scouts Organization.  Of course Parents whose daughters were thinking of joining the Girl Scouts instead steered them toward, "The American Heritage Girls, formed in 1995 as a Traditional Values,  Christian-Oriented alternative and it's ranks are growing enormously fast across the entire country.  Of course when it was discovered that the Girl Scout Higherarchey decided to endorse and promote the Homosexual-Lesbian Lifestyle, the Parents were outraged. When it was discovered that they were connected to Planned Parenthood / Abortion Advocates, Homosexual-Lesbian Radical Groups, as well as endorsing all of the other leftist doctrines, the days of the Girl Scouts Organization were numbered.  It's called "Backlash",  It's called "Parental Outrage", It's called, Good Parenting!  It is quite simply a matter of  Parents "Protecting their young daughters from the EVIL that permeates our society like a deadly virus". 

How many actual Parents of young daughters would proudly announce at a tea party, "Oh my little Mary has now discovered that she is a Lesbian, thanks to the Girl Scout Leadership" or perhaps, "My little Teenage Janny has decided to have an abortion, thanks to the Girl Scout Leadership teaching her all about Planned Parenthood"  Oh Gee I am so Proud of her and the Girl Scout Leadership.

I really don't need to say much more than that for the reader to understand most of what is going on here with the leftists, however I will explain in a little detail.

The leftists, Radical Feminist-Homosexual-Lesbians and the rest have been attempting to indoctrinate our children and youth of our country.  They are in fact deliberately attempting to CORRUPT THEM.  They are deliberately working against what we, the Parents are trying to instill within them while they are still young, which is morals and values.  We are trying to persuade and influence them down the path of goodness and decency, while the evil and negative forces are trying to lead them down the path of corruption, decadence and ultimately destruction.

A number of years ago the Girl Scouts of America had become infiltrated in the upper ranks of higherarchy by leftists.  As all leftists are they have an agenda that is centered around a number of things, Radical Feminism, Pro-Abortion, Acceptance of the Homosexual Lifestyle and even advocating it as an acceptable alternate Lifestyle, Radical Environmentalism, Anti-Christian, Multiculturalism, Anti-American and Ant- American Cultural and generally and generally anything else the Leftists want to try to impose upon the rest of us and the world.

Several years ago their was an outcry from concerned parents regarding the girl scouts endorsement of Abortions and the Lesbian Life Style as an alternate Lifestyle and to abolish and discard the traditional Girl Scouts Oath, which they swore to upon becoming girl scouts.  The higher ranking administrators and Leadership of the girls scouts, taken over by the leftists even went so far as to invite Feminist-Lesbians and radical pro-abortion advocates from Planned Parenthood to speak in front of the girl scout council and they are also guilty of contributing girl scout funds to political candidates as well as Planned Parenthood and Homosexual-Lesbian Groups.  Needless to say the outcry from concerned and angry parents manifested as a complete boycott of All girl scout cookies as well as people withdrawing the young girls from the girl scout organizations.  Parents were also NOT allowing their young girls to be subjected to this obviously leftists political and social agenda.  It was a manifestation of the Patriot Resistance, which I am fond of speaking about.

Back at that time I wrote an article about this problem and I predicted that it would be the end of the girl scouts as an organization.  Quite simply what parent in their right mind would ever consider allowing their young and impressionable daughter to come under the influence of the type of lesbian bull dyke leftists who had crept their way into what use to be a fine, traditional organization for young girls and an American Institution which the entire nation was fond of.

In the family that I grew up in, the mother was a Girl scout leader of what is called, "The Brownies" which is part of the girls scouts but is designed for the younger girls.

The girl scout leadership and administration that had been infiltrated by leftist, pro-abortion, pro-lesbian in view of the outrage decided to pull a slick maneuver, by putting the vote to first the leadership, which of course they voted in favor of because they were the ones pushing for their agenda.  When that did not work as they were unsuccessful at silencing the outrage, they then decided to leave the vote to the girl scouts themselves rather they would accept openly homosexual-lesbians into their ranks.  Now the ridiculous thing of proposing such an important issue as this to be left to girls of the age which they are not able to vote in elections, yet the girl scout administration thought the parents were so stupid that they would accept this.  Considering also that the children had already been primed and coaxed by their leadership in how to vote in favor of allowing homosexual-lesbians in their ranks.

Obviously their entire program has created a backlash, a boycott, anger, resentment and down right old Fashion American Revolutionary Sentiment from the parents and it has worked, thank GOD. I even found myself walking into the local grocery store when the girl scouts were out front with their parents selling girl scout cookies and I could not help but remember the girl scouts connections to Lesbian Organizations as well as Pro-Abortion Groups and wanting to allow openly lesbian girls into their ranks.  Of course I did not buy any cookies and in my article which I wrote those several years ago, I also advocated that NO ONE ELSE DO EITHER.

Just today I read in the recent article, "As Girl Scouts Membership Plummets, Threats of Split Emerge".

So apparently those people who chose to remain with the girl scouts, even in light of their anti-traditional Values agenda, have decided to split off from the destructive elements that are dooming the girl scouts to extinction.  I applaud the for this and I do hope they are successful.  However I also want to point out that a number of years ago their was established an alternative girl scout type of organization that was formed for those who wanted to keep the type of organization what the girl scouts use to be.  It is, "The American Heritage Girls, formed in 1995 as a Christian-oriented alternative and it's ranks are growing enormously fast across the entire country.

The membership of the girl scouts has dropped significantly ever since their leadership decided to Commit The Organization’s suicide.  As a result of loss of members and loss of revenue from cookie sales and loss of contributions from Churches and Civic groups, they are just about bankrupt.  This of course means that all of those leftist/ lesbian administrators and leaders who started the girl scouts on the road to doom, will themselves be out of work very soon.  Of course the people who screw things up in these types of situations always seem to be the last to actually get their unemployment notices, but when they close the doors and shut off the lights, well it may actually sink in.  The American People reject their ridiculous and evil attempts at Social Engineering.

The estimated 94% of societies population who are NOT homosexual or Lesbian will not tolerate the 6% imposing their lifestyle and sick agenda of contaminating the children of the other 96% and Rightfully so too.

The Resistance is Everywhere!  The Resistance is Right Now!  You are the Resistance!
Randal M. Bundy, from a speech given at University of California, Santa Barbara

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