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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Geroge Washington versus Obama
Washington and Obama
(left:  The idiot narcissist obama) / (right:  General George Washington, later 1st President of the United States)

The Difference between these two men (above)
The Man on the right helped to build this Great Nation known as the United States.  The idiot clown on the left is helping to destroy it. The Man of the right in fact was offered the title and position of "King" of this New Nation but refused and proposed instead a system of a President elected by the people. The idiot Narcissist on the left was elected by fools and idiots and regards his position more as a "Kingship" than actually a representative of the people. The man on the right knew and promoted the fact that it was always NEVER about him, but about the people and the Spirit of this New Nation. The idiot maniac of the left really does believe that it is ALL about himself and nothing about the people or this Great Nation.  The man on the right risked not only his life, but also his wealth to serve his this Great Nation whereas the fool on the left risks the safety and welfare of the entire nation and people to achieve his personal wealth and ambitions.  The man on the right will ALWAYS be remembered through out history for what he helped to create and the positive legacy he leaves behind will NEVER be forgotten. The man on the right will be remembered only for the destruction he has brought and he too, unfortunately will never be forgotten and the negative legacy he leaves behind is one of destruction and hardship for this Great Nation, its people and the entire world.  Heaven Help this Once Great Nation known as The United States, and the entire world which will suffer as a result of this idiot on the left. - by Randal M. Bundy - September 2013
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