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General Petraeus Obviously a Target of Obama
perhaps for what he knows that Obama Fears
by Randal M. Bundy - 10 January 2015
I am reminded of General Petraeus's loyalty toward Obama and his administration and his silence while he knew all along what Obama and his administration had in store for our country. our military, our allies and our people. I can not help but think that if I was a high ranking General at the time that the highest office of the United States had been usurped by someone who was not entitled to hold that office, that I would have resigned my commission and join the honorable resistance and speak out in opposition of what I knew was clearly a danger and threat to the very existence of this country, it's constitution, it's military and it's people, all of whom I have always loved and still do.  The very least I could do to demonstrate this would be to refuse to serve under that usurper and his administration.  I would also feel it was my duty to my country to speak out against that usurper at every chance I could.

General Petraeus has obviously been a dedicated Career Soldiers who has Serviced his country well, both in the Military and as Director of the CIA.  However I wonder if he will ever really come to realize that during Obama's entire Tyrannical Dictatorship he, General Patraeus was always targeted by Obama and his cronies for elimination or in this case for disgrace and discredit.  Perhaps The General Really does have something on Obama that he would have learned from his time running the military or the CIA.  What better way to ensure that information never gets out, that to pursue prosecution against him.  The General is being charged with disclosing Classified Documents to his mistress of the time, yet Obama and his cronies are themselves guilty of far worse crimes of doing the exact same things, which have ultimately ended up causing the death of many American Lives, namely Navy Seals, which some claim as casualties of war or merely strange coincidences, but other speculate they were intentional assassinations for political reasons.

Although I have never known General Petraeus and to my knowledge I have never served under his direct command, I do in fact have a connection to him.  One of my very good friends who is a retired as a Lieutenant Colonel did attend Ranger School at the same time and in the same class as General Petraeus.  My friend the Lieutenant Colonel is part of the Patriot Resistance Forces and has been since the day Obama usurped the office of president.   However I do not recall ever hearing any news reports of General Petraeus coming to the defense of any of the fine U.S Military Officers who found themselves victims of Obama's intentional purging of the higher and mid-level officer ranks of all branches of the American Military Services.  Instead he hung right in there with Obama the usurper and traitor.  So if in fact the Honorable General has something on Obama that could provide enlightenment for the American Public, the Congress and perhaps even save this country and change the destructive course that Obama has for us all, perhaps now would be a time to release it to the news media and the public.  Perhaps he will come to realize that by doing so he will actually be serving his country that he had on so many occasions sworn an oath to protect, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Randal M. Bundy

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