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Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press
and Obama is your “Big Brother”

By Randal M. Bundy - February 25, 2015
Obama Control The Internet
Control of the Internet is all about thought control, regulation of the media and thus controlling what the you learn, hear, read, believe and think.  It is ultimately thought control.
 Randal M. Bundy - February 25, 2015
The prospect of any government controlling the Internet is straight out of George Orwell’s book and movie, “2004” which coined the term, “Big Brother”.  It is the same as Government control of the media and thus controlling what the public learns, hears, reads, believes and thus what they think.  The Government will have achieved it‘s ultimate goal of though police.  It is also along the same lines as a news reporter having to register with the local law enforcement agency in order to obtain their consent to participate in freedom of speech.

There is a very dangerous precedence been set, by both Obama and his tyrannical dictatorship and the weak quislings in Congress and their inactivity.  What is happening right before our very eyes is the confusion of what the entire 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech, freedom of the Press is and was originally designed for.  The twisting of and outright violation of the first amendment has transformed it instead of it being a right, it now becomes a privilege.   A privilege of which Obama and his cronies will be able to grant or deny at will through various means and levels of Government Bureaucracy. 

If you think this is ridiculous, just remember the same treatment of denial which Obama’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) committed against various American Citizen Organizations.  Obama facilitated and orchestrated a persecution of the his personal political opposition which consisted partially of the Tea Party, Patriots, Conservatives and Republican Supporting Organizations.  The IRS through with Obama’s knowledge and his appointing his Cronies to key positions in the IRS persecuted these various organizations by using typical stalling tactics indefinitely and denying them the same rights while they expedited for Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Muslim and other Obama support groups. 

It also most certainly is clear that Obama and people like him will, if challenged for violating the 1st amendment, will simply ignore those challenges making it necessary for the individual to sue the government to regain their rights they already have.  Obama has a pattern of this type of unconstitutional and Criminal  behavior, even when a law suit works it’s way through the lengthy process of the legal system and a judge rules against the government, Obama simply asserts he does not agree with the Judge or even the supreme court. 

With a weak and timid Republican leadership that we have, Congress just seems to let him get away with it and the Courts really seem to have no way to enforce their rulings.  Since The Justice Department is also under complete control of Obama, there is clearly a flaw in the system that was originally established to prevent this sort of power grab and abuse of power.

The Constitution is written, the Bill of Rights is right their for all to read and understand but if there is no one competent and courteous enough to stand up and protect it when it is clearly being violated, then it is the same as though it didn’t exist.  This is how Hitler and every other tyrannical dictator has achieved success of violating the Rights of the people and Obama is doing the same thing and worse of all he is getting away with it.

We must also realize the FCC is deliberately withholding details of the rules they will be voting on.  In other words they are applying the same tactics as Nancy Palosi did when she spoke to the American Public in support of Obamacare.  Her statement to the American people and her fellow Congressmen was, “We have to hurry up and pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it“. 

Remember also that detail of the entire Obamacare was buried in a mass of thousands of pages of detail and Congress was not granted enough time to actually read the bill they were signing.  Of course this was when Obama’s Democrat Party controlled the House and the Senate.  Remember also when audio of Obama and Joe Biden was obtained when both spoke near a News Press microphone that had been left on?  Joe Biden said to Obama, something to the effect of, “Man I can’t believe they were so stupid as to let us get away with passing this thing”.  He was referring to Congress being so stupid to vote Yes on Obamacare.

They’re going to do the same thing with not only the 1st Amendment, but anything they can think of, be it Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, which they are already doing.  They are doing it in all other ways they can think of to ultimately destroy the United States and worst of all, certain Republican Members of Congress are assisting them and letting them get away with it and without even a fight.

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