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Free Marijuana for Low Income Residents
says Berkeley, California City Council

July 06. 2014 - by Randal M. Bundy
Free Marijuana Free Pot
Absolutely Incredable!  The city of Berkeley California approves Free Pot for Low-Income Residents.
My question is how in the Hell can any "Low-Income Residents" actually libve in Berkeley.  I use to live in Berkeley myself for a short period of time and back then housing was incredably expensive.  I lived in a Hotel Room while I was there and I diod explore the monthly rent and it was far above what the average person could affort.

However maybe the city has constructed some sort of low income housing projects.  At any rate the city council of Berkeley has approved an ordinance stating that the three marijuana dispensaries in the city will probably have to offer pot to low-income members and homeless people at no charge.  The pot smoking advocates themselves seenm to be creeping ever so closer to affirming that the smoking of pot is somehow a right.  I just can not help but imagine that if low income people were not smoking pot, perhaps they may be able to improve themselves by obtaining further education or job skills and actually get a job or a better job so they could afford to pay for their own pot.

Now compare this free pot giveaway requirement to any other type of business in the country.  Suppose I own a Hot Dog Stand in the busy city.  Should I be required to give a certain percentage of my products free to those who are low income?  It would certainly be an act of generosity, however that is not the purpose of a person owning a business.  The purpose for a person working or running a business is to feed there own family.  If you take the chance of investing your savings in a hot dog stand and somehow actually succeed, you really do not owe anything to anyone, except to your own family.  I do not appoligise for having absolutely no compassion for those who have a drug problem and can not afford to pay for their drug of choice.

Recently I have quite smoking cigarets after approximately 40 years of puffing on "Coffin Nails".  However most of the time I could afford to pay for that nasty habbit.  When I could not afford to pay for them, yes I would bunb a cigaret off of someone, but I never felt as though it was somehow an obligation for someone else to pay for my habit.  To help me with the transition from smoker to non-smoker, I use the e-cigaret, which of course does have some cost involved, which I pay for myself.

I do not agree at all with the legality of smoking pot, I even more disagree with the city of Berkeley requiring that the legal marijuana suppliers be required to contribute 2% of their estimated sales toward free marijuana for low income folks who it is presumed can not afford to pay for it.    Further more Although the city ordinance requires that the pot be at least as good as what is normally dispensed to those who pay for it.

Speaking in defense of this ordinane is Sean Luce who is with the "Berkeley Patients Group".  He makes the argument that some ppeople who are ill may not be able to work and may not be able to afford the treatment they need.  In other words since Pot is in this case classified and considered a necessariy medical needed drug.  Ok well I understand his point but do not necessarily agree with it.  Some people may not be able to afford to buy food, should that hotdog vender not be held to the same standards?  

Apprently the consideration for low income in Berkeley is less than $32,000 a year for one person and $46,000 a year for a family of four.  There are in fact a lot of places in the USA where that kind of income is actually considered a pretty good job to have.  Sure you are not going to get rich off of a $32,000 year job, and it is hard to raise a family on a combined income of $42,000 income, but people across the country do it every day and are grateful to have it.  But then most people I refer to do not have an addiction to Pot either.

I do agree that for some people Marijuana may seem like a relief for for their mental illness, however I also am fully aware of the scientific research that does indicate that Marijuana is a very dangerous drug.  The exceptions that I do understand and agree with is in the case of incurable cancer.  If a person is faced with that and they want to smoke a little pot, well go ahead and enjoy.

following is information is from scientific research and the doctors whose occupation it has been to research such matters.

The short term effects of marijuana include
impaired coordination;
 skewed sensory and time perception;
difficulty with thinking, concentrating and problem solving;
shortened attention span and distractibility;
decreased alertness; impaired learning and memory; and euphoria. 
Additionally, marijuana use can lead to disturbed thoughts and can worsen psychotic symptoms in schizophrenics.

Long-term users often experience
lowered motivation,
and some can experience anxiety, panic attacks, respiratory illnesses, and increased heart rate and risk of heart attack. 
When withdrawing from the drug, chronic users typically experience irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety, impaired appetite, and aggression.

Chronic marijuana use can lead to addiction
In fact, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States, and more teens are in treatment with a primary diagnosis of marijuana dependence than for all other illegal drugs combined.  Various treatment options, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication to treat withdrawal, and motivational incentives are available, and treatment for marijuana addiction is highly effective.


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