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France And The Resistance to Islamic Invasion
by Randal M. Bundy - 2013

When I think of France I remember my school studies of the German occupation of France during World War Two and I also remember the Brave men and woman of the French Resistance.  The French Resistance who fought against insurmountable odds and who fought, bleed and died for France.

However the mistakes of many of the population of France after the war, embraced a brand of socialism that is referred to as Fabian Socialism and it has evolved into multiculturalism and the hard core leftists had taken over. It was the leftists have deliberately acted to commit national and racial suicide of the people of France, their  culture, language, religion, and the white race of French people too.  How did they do this?  By allowing the out of control immigration of refusees from third world countries in Africa,  the Middle East who are primarily Muslims.  The once peaceful French society is now preyed upon by violent and hostile people who are not French and who have blatantly proclaimed their intentions of conquering the very country that gave them refuge.  Essentially the Muslims rather they be from the African continent or from the middle east are in fact a covert invasion force.  This is the state of France after nearly 50 years of the influence of socialism, Communism and multiculturalism.

This is not unique to France alone.  We see that it has happened also in Britain, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark and every country in Europe.  It has escalated under this establishment of the European Union which has adapted it, promoted and imposed it upon every country in Europe.  For some reason the people who are behind it and who somehow make their way to political power and control are all part of this same entity of multiculturalism and the destruction of their own societies and people.

I predicted this and warned people long before the actual formation of the European Union that what they were doing was destructive to the societies of European and it's people.  You can not bring into your society a million people from Africa and another million from the Middle east, most of whom are Muslim because essentially you will be signing a death warrant on your own people who are primarily white people.  I also pointed out then how ridiculous it was our White Europeans to think it is perfectly fine to have Asian countries which are considered for Asian people, African Countries which are considered for Black African people, Middle Easter Arab Countries for Arab people, but yet European White Countries are to be considered for everyone, of all racial groups, all ethnic groups and for all Religions.  To make matters worse it is the populations of European Countries who are to pay for all of this, in essence pay for their own execution when you consider the intention destruction of the White European Population by those refugee immigrants.  This is what we have now in European Countries.  Economic Collapse, partially due to the rise of immigrants from countries not compatible with white European Societies and the host population has to support them indefinitely with their rising tax dollars. 

The only possible savior of the White French Society is in fact, The Front National Party, or as we refer to as the National Front or simply the Nationalists.

There will be a war in Europe and it will be from within.  If this insane immigration is permitted to continue in any of these countries, the immigrants will simply out populate the Real Native French People and their will eventually not be any White French people. 

Where is it written that we as a race must surrender our own racial and ethnic identity in order to be fair and reasonable.  The answer is that it is written by those who for some twisted reasons want to destroy their own society and their own people. 

I predict their will be a war where first the immigrants assaults upon the native populations will become so numerous and threaten all of the French society and yes even those who are behind this treason that has been conducted by those leftists.  For you see the rage of the black hordes and the Muslims conquerors do not care if their victim was left or right, they care only that their victim is white or Christian or simply non-Muslim.  The Muslims also do not care that it was non-Muslims who allowed them to immigrate, they are focused on killing all non-Muslims.  So in the end they leftists too will all become victims the same as those who are on the right.

Yes, I predict that in time it will end in a war, and when the white French people come to realize that it is either fight and kill or be killed themselves along with their children, their wives, their parents, sisters, brother and neighbors, then there will  not no choice, no alternatives.  The French people can be assured that it was not brought on by them, they did not stat this war and they will know that it is happening all over Europe.  Fight or die, that is the choice that is left to them now. 

For the immigrants, be they blacks from Africa who brought their racism toward white people with them to Europe,  or if they are Muslims who have brought their twisted cult ideology with them and believe it is perfectly fine to impose their beliefs upon the entire non-Muslim world and to conquer France and impose Sharis Law on the entire society, all of them will have a choice, leave or be killed in this war, because France 
will no longer be passive victims to either of them.  French woman will not longer be raped by them, French men will not longer be intimidated by them and the French government to come will no longer tolerate their destruction and the tax dollars of the French people will no longer be afforded to any of them.  Just leave and go back to the lands of your own people and your own religion.

Do you remember the patriot Brigitte Bardot being persecuted by her own government of France, which was run by leftists because she dared to say the same things that I am saying here and right now?  She was simply telling the truth regarding her beloved France. The message is the same that any sane person could observe as truth and that if these uncontrolled immigration of Muslims, Africans and Middle Eastern people into France, then France and the French people will be destroyed.

I could go on and on all day about this and site numerous cases of societies of the past who did not heed the same warnings, but I think I have made my point as clearly as possible.  It is not that any of us do not respect the Blacks of Africa or the Arabs from Arab Countries or the Asians from Asia, but we assert our same rights to maintain our own racial and ethnic identities, culture, languages, societies and religion, the same as they too assert the very same rights mentioned here.

Think of it as a marriage which has gone bad over time and if the parties are not separated then the results will be destructive for all.  Think of it also as the leftists are the same as children who think they have brilliant ideas but the adults know better through experience and the wisdom that age usually brings us, but the leftists upon learning that society rejects their ideas and ideology attempt to impose both upon the whole of society,  Eventually the Adults must step in and put an end to the destructive nonsense.  Hopefully this will now happen before the damage is irreversible and hopefully before France and all of European is destroyed.

Nationalism is not a bad word, not a bad doctrine or ideology.  It has been the leftists - multiculturalists who have attempted to convinced populations and societies over the years through propaganda that is when referring to our own white people and populations.  At the same time asserting approval for all other racial and ethnic groups to maintain their separate identities.  Nationalism will save France, Britain, Spain and all of Europe as well as the United States and Canada and where ever White Society is.  And stop pandering to those racial and ethnic groups who are in fact racists toward white people and societies as well as granting special status and exceptions to Muslims while imposing discrimination upon our Christian Society.

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