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Ferguson Riots are Orchestrated and Staged
by Randal M. Bundy - 18 November 2014
Ferguson Staged Photo

These Photos you see portrayed in Newspapers, on TV and right here which I am reproducing in order to make my point are in fact "staged".  Now I am not saying that these people were not their and I am not saying that they are paid actors but what I am trying to describe is what the mainstream media does when it arrives on the scene of a protest or a riot.  They go for the most dramatic images they can get.  Of course the protestors themselves will be cooperating with the media, even if it is Non-organized by the media.  In other words the photographer or photojournalist may not necessarily instruct the individual on where to stand or what pose to make, but the protestors know the when the media is there and they will begin to perform for them, to get their attention.  If you are a photographer or a photojournalist and all you come back to the news room with is a bunch of people standing around drinking coffee on a street corner, ore perhaps just standing around with pre-printed protest signed then you are not going to get your photograph on the front page of the newspaper you work for.  Most likely if you continue that trend, you will be looking for a new job..

Ferguson Riots are Orchestrated and Staged by Performers seeking fame and perhaps fortune at the expense of Innocent people and Businesses.  They could actually care less about the person whose death they are suppose to be protesting and they don't care whose property is destroyed, nor do they care who is injured or even killed as a result of their activity and their pursuit of their goals.  Their goals are actually very selfish and really have absolutely nothing to do with Michael Brown and the community they are in fact victimizing to achieve possible fame and yes sometimes even fortune as well.  Jessie Jackson, Al Sharptin and others have perfected this very same thing to somewhat of an art form over the many years they have been doing it and they have become very wealthy and famous.  

These people we now see on the streets, many of them, at least on the Street Organizing level are the new "Wanna-Be's" and they do not care about the people they are hurting in the community of Ferguson nor the small family owned businesses that are looted or destroyed, nor the homes that are set on fire, nor the innocent white people who are attacked, beaten and sometimes killed or even black people who are shot by the police and killed as a direct result of what these people do in the streets of Ferguson.  

They are actually far more Mercenary than an actual Military Mercenary in so far as they try to portray themselves as “civil rights advocates”, “justice seekers” or some other "Do-Gooder" when in fact it all comes down to their personal fame and perhaps fortunes.  With a Military Mercenary there is no deception, no illusions, no disguises and no misunderstandings, you know exactly what they are and that they are fighting, in most cases strictly for the money.

The people they are hurting are not anyone who would have any control over what Community or national policies.  These people are essential victimizing the entire community of Ferguson.  The Ferguson Police are really no different than any other Police Force around the country and they are NOT guilty of what the professional protest organizers accuse them of, nor what the professional rent-a-mob claim they are.

Example in point:  What do you think would happen to me if I did exactly what Michael Brown did?  Suppose I were to be walking down the middle of my street, abstracting the flow of vehicle traffic and one of the local police officers, drives up, stops his vehicle and asked me to get out of the roadway?  Perhaps even if he ordered me out of the road and perhaps he might not be so polite about it?  Suppose also that for whatever reason I were to attack and assault the police officer as he was opening his door and suppose I dried to take his gun away after punching him in the face?  All of that did in fact happen, exactly according to the Police Officers account and the eye witnesses on the scene who saw it go down with Michael Brown. 

At that point in this altercation described above, it did not matter rather Michael Brown was unarmed, as the protestors seem to be implying that the officer was unjustified in shooting because Michael Browns fists alone were the weapons he was using.  He did almost accomplish what apparently was his intent, which was to disable the Officer and take his gun.  In a situation such as is described and did happen, the officers only choice was to shoot the assailant, which he did while the assailant was still half in the police officers car and trying to get his gun.

The second round of shots apparently were fired outside of the vehicle while the assailant was trying to flee.  The officer could not permit the assailant to get away with what he had just done, yet the officer according to report was suffering from the effects of the head injury that he had just suffered at the hands of the Michael Brown.  Michael Brown at that, although having suffered minor injuries was returning to the officer who was outside of his vehicle with gun in hand and ordering Michael Brown to halt.   Considering the circumstances that could have occurred if the officer had not fired a second time, I would say at that point Michael Brown sealed his own fate by approaching at and appearing to be attempting to again assault the Police Officer.  End of story, end of Michael Brown.

If I was a Juror, rather on the Grand Jury or in an actual Trial and this was what was presented to me, I would have not other verdict to return in regards to the Police Officer as NOT GUILT of any wrong doing.  Other words, “Justifiable Killing in the line of duty”.  What other choice di the police officer have to make, was he just going to allow a criminal mad-man attack him, beat him, take his gun and perhaps kill him?  NO absolutely NOT.  I call Michael Brown a “Mad-Man” because how else could you describe someone who attempts to assault a police officer in those circumstances.

A related report of today indicates now that the FBI is reporting that "Decision will likely lead to violence".
Strange isn’t it that these well educated and in most cases Law School Graduates mention absolutely nothing about the actual "legal process of trial by jury" or the "procedures of a grand jury" to determine if a trial is warranted,  as being part of our Constitution" and the  very same procedures that these protectors might be utilizing in the not too distant future themselves.

Each and every one of them to some degree are all "Performers playing for media attention".  Their perceived "outrage over alleged Injustice" is just part of that performance.  As in the past we find the mainstream media manipulating what we see, hear and unfortunately what some naive and gullible people actually believe to be truth.  Take the Blue pill or the Red pill. 
Red Pill or Blue Pill

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