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Ferguson Rioters Block Intersetion, Threatening People
 and Get Run Over

by Randal M. Bundy - 26 November 2014
Ferguson Protestors Blocking Streets Get Run Over
A vehicle appeared to drive through a group of protesters that had gathered in a downtown Minneapolis intersection Tuesday evening.

        The above video was actually in Ferguson and the protesters / Rioters had the car surrounded and were pounding on the windows.

        Now the average person who is not thinking may condem the driver of this vehicle but consider the facts and circumstances.  Consider if  you are a woman or a man with your children in your car.  You have just got off work, picked up your children from the daycare center and you are on your way home.  You come upon an intersection where you are confronted with this screeming mob pounting on your car, trying to break your windows and they have you and your car completely surrounded. 

        In your mind you are thinking to yourself, Oh my GOD what if they vreak the windows and pull me out of my car, set the car on fire and while they are beating me to death, the last thing I hear is the screeming of my children who are burning to death inside the car and I can do nothing to defeand myself or save my children. Now how much sympathy do you really have for those who placed themselves in from of the car in this video above.  For me, I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for them since they brought this on themselves by their treatening actions as a mob.

        These protestors are thugs when they block the streets and abstruct traffic and possibly harm innocent people.  Even if they claim to be peaceful, when they block streets and make it impossible for leave, they are trapping people in a possibly harmful situation.  They deliberately are attemping to shut down the city and among other things preventing people from getting to work, thus possibly jeapridisng peoples jobs and in some cases pulling people out of their cars and assaulting them and in some cases people have been killed.  They are also by blocking traffic preventing people from picking up their schildren, preventing people from getting home, possibly precenting people from getting to a hospital, or just simply going about their daily lives.  The are Thugs.

        In most cases, as in LA just recently the police did nothing.  They let a crowd of criminals completely block an entire expressway.  The same thing occured in Cincinnati, Ohio.

        I carry a gun around with me wherever I drive and if I am Boxed In by an angry mob of protestors banging on my windows and trying to pull me out of my vehicle, and if there are no police on hand to stop it, I would first trying to do the exact same thing this person in the video did.  I would of course chose this tactic in hopes that no one was seriously injured.  HOwever if I was unable to make my escape in that manner, then as a last resort if they do manage to break the windows them "the games up", and I will use my weapon and those people will die.  I refuse to be a victim.

        If anyone is to blame, it is the self centered little brats who protest in such a way as to deliberately impose themselves upon other as an "In Your Face act".  The driver of this vehicle probably had no idea what these people were doing or more importantly what their intentions were for her and her children.

        Now in a related news report that I read, An elderly White man who has to use an oxigen mask was driving in his vehile, caught in protests in L.A. andwas pulled from his vehicle and beaten to death at the hands of the protestors.

        You can not allow these savages to block your car.  The Police DO NOT Have this situation under control, they can not protect the populous and we are left to fend for themselves.  

        Get a gun, get enough ammunition and be prepared to protect yourselves, your family and your property. Those who are participating as Protestors and Rioters have declared this to be a race war and behind it all it is being encouraged and orchastraated directly by Obama, Valery Jerad and Eric Holder.  That's right it is coming directly from the White House as Obama's War against White American Society Specifically.

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