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Ferguson Rioters And Race War Hopefuls Wimp Out
At The First Snow Fall

by Randal M. Bundy - 17 November 2014
Ferguson Snow
Big Talk from them and Little Show.  I suppose it's just a little bit too cold for all of those Brave Wanna-Be Race Warriors.  Perhaps they just decided to stay home, keep their little toes warm and stuff their faces on Thanksgiving Day.  All of the low class morons who find enjoyment from burning and destroying other people’s businesses, homes and property while spouting off at the mouth about Race War, they don’t know war, they really couldn’t cope with a war, they‘ve never been trained for war and if they are going to flee at the first sign of snow flakes, wait until the bullets start to fly.  They couldn’t really handle or survive a war of any kind, let alone a race war.
Ferguson Snow
When American Soldiers are serving in War, they don't get holidays off.  They usually don't get to keep their feet warm by the fire or enjoy a Holiday meal in a nice warn home.  Even if their not on the front lines, their still serving somewhere, perhaps at an isolated outpost and they know the enemy never sleeps.  Sometimes they might be walking guard duty in the cold dead of winter with the wind biting at their faces, toes and fingers. Police Officers too give up that luxury more often than not.  After all someone does have to protect all of those people who do get to enjoy this Holiday.  The National Guard right now is in Ferguson helping to protect what is left of the business sector of the city and GOD Bless them all and Keep them safe.  For those soldiers on the front lines, the Police On Patrol and the National Guard who is activated in Missouri and elsewhere, Thank you and GOD BE WITH YOU.
White American Soldiers Fighting in the Battle of the Bulge 1944
White American and German Soldiers fighting in The Battle of the Bulge in December1944/January 1945

South Korean Soldiers Traing in the Snow
American Allies, South Korean Soldiers Training in the Snow
Below photo - Ferguson Protestors and Race Warriors of the New Black Panthers

"Brave" Ferguson Protestors and Race Warriors
Oh, So sorry the Race Warriors of the New Black Panthers must still be putting their pink panties on and touching up their makeup and eye shadow.  Maybe they'll show up later, after it warms up some and the snow melts.

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