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Ferguson Protest Group Releases List of Targets
Including: Anheuser Busch, Boeing, Emerson Electric, Airports and More
by Randal M. Bundy - 17 November 2014
What is revealed in reports I have read and listened to today, read more like a "Declaration of War" featuring The Ferguson Protest Group aka  "The Justice for Mike Brown Ferguson Protest Group" and their declaration of war seems to be directed  toward the whole of society.  It is actually a conspiracy by what has become a Criminal Cartel consisting of many different Radical Groups, including The New Black Panthers, Communists, Socialists and Anarchist Groups and many more not mentioned here.

In fact we all by now know that this is actually a planned assault upon whatever white community exists anywhere in the area of Ferguson who they can find.  However the reports that I have found indicate that the vast majority of those white people living in the area are armed with the best weapons they have been able to find, ever since Mike Brown was killed and they have no hesitation to use them should rioters attempt to damage their property or harm them.
The absolute ridiculousness of these people allowing themselves to be played by Radical Black Power Groups, Communists, Socialists and Anarchists truly demonstrate the communities lack of intelligence on a general scale.  People are going to die as a result of all of this media attention which the leftist media is supporting by giving airplay.  I guarantee you that if the mainstream media was not actually out their on a daily basis none of this would have actually gotten this far.  These people who are the organizers and those who intend to riot and loot could not have cared less about Mike Brown, even if any of them actually knew him, which 99.9% or more did not know him.  If he had passed them any of them on the street, none of them would have given him the time of day.

Here is the list of people, businesses and Organizations, landmarks and placed they intend to target for violence, rioting, and assaults and fire bombings.  Now keep in mind that Obama himself has contributed to all of this simply by giving paying attention to them and it has been determined that the Justice Department itself under the direction of Eric Holder has assisted these groups in their efforts as well.  Clearly a Criminal Conspiracy to commit acts of violence including but not limited to racial attacks upon innocent white people.  So who do any of us actually call to launch a complain and put an end to all of this, The FBI perhaps?  The Justice Department Controls the FBI and Eric Holder controls the Justice Department which Obama controls.  Obama and the white house is actually calling the shots here folks.

Here is the list of people and organizations that are listed as Targets.  Most on this list had absolutely nothing to do with any of the Ferguson incidents, but neither do any of the white people who have already become victims and neither are the many more who will likely also become victims of these Racist Black Mobs who are determined to victimize anyone who is white.  Also targeted are generally Asians, Hispanics, and anyone else who is NOT black.

An unidentified spokesman for The Ferguson Mike Brown protesters are not ruling out violence or looting and have proclaimed, " Rioting and looting are the tools of those without a voice. The rioting and looting, while I didn’t participate in it, was necessary. Without it we would not be standing here today.”

My response will be, "tell that to the dead Black men and woman who will most certainly be laying in the streets, bleeding and lying in cities all over America.  All of that Military Training we received while we were in service, is not easily forgotten.  One man with a suitable weapon who is well trained as we were in service will fight to protect his family and loved one, his home and himself.  There will not be a court in the country that could rightfully prosecute him for doing so.

When that does happen, the black community has no one to blame but themselves and the people who agitated all of this to bring on this race war.  Also don’t forget to blame the person most responsible who is in fact behind it all, Barack Husan Obama, who helped to orchestrate it.  Obama, his Justice Department and Eric Holder are even behind the exported of this racial violence to other cities across the United States. 

White America is Armed to the teeth and ready for this war,  be it with Regret for the naiveté of those who will be looting, rioting, assaulting and ultimately dying as a result of trying to attack and harm innocent people who are white, Hispanic, Asian or any other racial group who is Non-Black.

Below is the published list of potential St. Louis area targets. Potential Action Locations

Robert McCulloch’s office,  St. Louis County Justice Center, Stephanie Karr’s office,  Olin Corporation Headquarters,  Judge Maura McShane’s courtroom,  St. Louis County Police Department,  Governor Nixon’s Office (Wainwright Building),  Clayton School District Office,  Department of Justice,  Dean Plocher’s office,
Ronald Brockmeyer’s office,  Dan Boyle’s office,  Thomas Flach’s office,  Regal III Market,  Canfield Green Apartments,  Ferguson Police Department & Jail,  West Florissant Quick Trip,  Missouri Botanical Gradens
Powell Symphony Hall,  Monsanto Headquarters,  Peabody Energy Headquarters,  Anheuser-Busch Headquarters,  Emerson Electric Headquarters,  Steve Stenger’s lawfirm,  St. Louis Art Museum,  Gateway Arch,  Peabody Opera House,  Ritz Carlton,  Lambert International Airport,  Mayor Slay,  Boeing,  St. Louis City Police Department,  St. Louis Galleria,  Plaza Frontenac,  Six Stars Market,  Colonel Jon Belmar, Senator Roy Blunt,  Senator Claire McCaskill,  St. Louis City Justice Center,  St. Ann Police Department & Jail,  Clayton City Hall,  GCI Security, Inc.,  St. Louis County Council,  Clayton Police Department & Jail
Ferguson City Hall,  Lacy Clay’s Office,  Donors,  Husch Blackwell LLP,  Martin Insurance Group LLC,  Stone, Leyton & Gershman,  University Square Company,  Stone & Alter Real Estate,  Carey & Danis LLC,  The Law Firm of Thomas C Antoniou LLC,  Hammond & Shinners Law Firm,  Collinsville Acquisitions Inc,  Thompson Coburn,  Commercial Bank,  Sanctuaries,  Greater St. Mark Family Church,  Veterans for Peace Office,  St. John’s Episcopal Church,  Hospitals,  St. Louis University Hospital,  SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center,  SSM St. Mary’s Health Center,  Barnes Jewish Hospital,  St. Alexius Hospital,  Kindred Hospital,
Southwest Medical Center

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