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Ferguson Grand Jury Returns "NO indictment"
Officer Wilson is Exonerated of All Charges
Randal M. Bundy - 24 November 2014
Ferguson Rioter
The Grand Jury has rendered their decision to NOT Prosecute the Police Officer who shot and Killed Michael Brown.  All sane and reasonable people would agree with the Jury’s decision  which was based upon the evidence and reliable eye witnesses testimony.
By now most of the American White Populations should have armed themselves and become resolved to protect their family, their loved ones, their property and themselves against the Rioters, Racial Assaults and  Looting as Organizers of the Protests and Rioting are deliberately inciting unrest and racial war, 

They have even openly made threats that is Officer Wilson was not indicted, they were going to murder white people, police officers and others.  Do not allow yourselves to become victims.  I would recommend everyone stay out of Ferguson. 

To the Police and Authorities in Ferguson and other cities who are trying to Protect their communities and residents as well as maintain peace and order, our prayers are with you as well as to the law biding citizens of Ferguson, including those white residents who are targets of Black Racists Attacks upon them and to the Business Owners.

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