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Ferguson Freak Show Leader's Car Stolen in Ferguson
while attending a "FUCK THE POLICE RALLY"

 and Who Does She Call for Help? The Ferguson Police!
by Randal M. Bundy - 18 November 2014
Elizabeth Vega
Image Above:  Elizabeth Vega - after looking into this entire Ferguson Matter, one just can not help but come to the conclusion that half of the people protesting and rioting are just simply "crazy people" and the other half are a combination of Criminals seeking to loot and destroy and the rest are people who are seeking some sort of public recognition and fame and even perhaps some fortune that might go along with that fame, hell maybe even a paid interview with Oprah, you never know.  Perhaps even a little portion of the fame and fortune that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharptin have made off of such events.  

Professional Ferguson Protestor, Elizabeth Vega get's her car stolen while she is in Ferguson attending a, "Fuck The Police Rally" and who does she call for help?  That's right folks, she calls the Ferguson Police Department.  It is Poetic Justice folks and it just doesn't get any better than that. I'm a writer folks and I just couln't just come up with this kind of stuff if I tried, hell no one would believe it.  It's just too good. It's like a little gift from GOD and he does certainly work in mysterious ways. I do hope the Ferguson Police Department is enjoying this as much as I am.

Apparently Ms. Vega is one of the Protest Leaders, agitators and a regulr in Ferguson.  As it turned out,  I had been researching information about her to be included in my reporting, when suddenly this news report comes over the wire.  After recouperating from about a 15 minuite laughing spell,  I was able to include it here in my report.  She protests regularly at sports venues and attempted recently attempted a banner drop.  She co-led the St Louis Symphony interruption protest and was arrested at the pumpkin smashing,  as well as yelled at the "St. Louis Post Dispatch" protest, and she helped to block traffic with her freakshow in Clayton yesterday. She usually has quite an aray of her co-horts, Clowns and members of her Freek Show with her during her events which are becoming more and more frequent around the area of St Louis.

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