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Obama's Private SS Troops and Gestapo Agents
Federal Agencies of the Obama Dictatorship
These Federal Agencies and many more not mentioned here are now part of the Obama Dicatatorship seem to have a primary agenda of Persecution of Obama's Political Opposition.   Sadly the names of these organizations are now forever tarnished in the eyes of the American People who they once loyaly and faithfully served.  Just like the Demcorat Party of our Parents and Grandparents, that once fine reputation can not be recovered.  The only logical thing to do after retaking our country back from Obama and his cronies is to completely dismantle these agencies and start from scratch all over.  Firing all of those currently employeed will be necessary since becasue since Obama came to power the people who were not pergend were thoese leftists who had over the years been infiltrated into these agencies.  Those who have been hired over the past years of the Obama dictatorship can be presumend to have been approved by Obamas Cronies who were appouinted to ru these agencies.  None could ever be trusted again to serve the country and people.  Obama has so thourouly infiltrated his cronies into not only the leadership, but also through out the rank and file as the officers or management on all levels. Personally I think prosecution, convictions and prison terms should also be dispensed as appropriate.  Some perhaps could be hired back, but I think those would be people on such a low lwvel of employment and intelect that they really had no clue as to the treason that was going on in the agencies they worked for. This section is not yet complete.
SS Troops and Gestapo Agents
As far as I can tell the following agencies Directorship, Senior and Mid-Level Management are all now Part of Obama's Dictatorship and Persecution Machine.  Follow the links for news and articles.

- Now an Agency dedicating to "Muslim Outreach"  What the F--k!

- Probably everyone at this level of military and civil service are loyal Obama Cronies and as far as I can tell, the "old Guard" who were their prior to Obama coming to power have been purged.  Now before progressing on to the following branches of military service, I feel it necessary to enphasise that the listing of these braches of the U.S. Military does not mean that everyone in these branches are knowingly part of the Obama Dictatorship Machine.  Just like all of the agencies above, there are many fine members of the rank and file whose intent it is to serve their country and the people.  However it is the leaadership of the military branches and agencies that we have witnessed Obama's purging of the Officer Ranks and senior and midlevel management.  Those who are left at those levels are probably part of the Obama Dictatorship and persecution machine.  They are of course the lower ranks that really may have no clue and could be considered simply as the low information crowd.  In the various agencies this may not be the case as much as the Military Branches.  There are also those who do know but are so close to retirement that they are simply trying to buy their time until retirement and collect their pensions and go on with their lives.  For them it is obvious they subscribe to the phylosophy of "accept the things you can not change".
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