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Retired FBI Agent told Patriot Groups that Obama's FEDS have set up 30,000 Guillotines
FEMA Camps Retired FBI Agent Warns Americans,
FEDs have set up 30,000 Guillotines

by Randal M. Bundy - 07 March 2015
Retired FBI Agent told Patriot Groups that Obama's FEDS
If you think the Nazi Death Camps were a Horrible Nightmare, wait till you find out what Obama's FEMA have in store for the American People, primarily those who are white and are considered his political enemies.  Right under your very noses and with the naieve approval of Congress.  Yes the same Congress who has an all too familiar habbit of rubberstamping anything Obama wants.  Yes the same Congress who perhaps were deceived or simply not paying attention or as in the past, "did not have time to read the massive amount of pages of the bills they sign. What they have allowed to be created  is truly what Nightmares are made of.  It makes the entire Nazis death camps of history appear to be pleasure resorts and Hitler to be a simple childhood prankster.  The astonishing thing is people still believe, "It can't happen here" and so they refuse to believe that it already is happening right now".

do not be fooled by organizations such as "Factcheck" and "Snoops" as both were created by leftists and operate as disinformation groups for Obama and other leftists organizations.  I personally have conducted extensive investigations of both of these groups and although they do hide behind numerous veils intended to keep their true identities and connections with Obama and leftists obscure, I was able to cut through that veil.  They are in fact part of Obama's propaganda machine.  Even if one or both were created long before Obama came to power, their connection to leftists since the day of their founding is confirmed. One in particular is funded by natorious leftist and anti-American George Soros

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