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Exposing the Truth about La Raza and the Latino Racists Who Support It
by Randal M. Bundy
There have been protests across the entire United States of American, in which regular Americans are standing up and expressing outrage at our political leadership who have for many years been negligent in their duties to protect our borders and our citizens.  It has become even worse with the Obama Administration whose goal it is to destroy this country.  It is Obama who is quoted as saying in a speech, "I intend to rebuild America" and what he meant by that was he intends to first destroy American and Rebuild it into his twisted and demented vision of what he thinks it should be.  If you want to preview what Obama's vision of America would be as it he is successful, just take a look at any third world country, such as Mexico, Zimbabwe, North Korean, present day Syria, Iraq, Iran or just pick any of your favorite Third World Tyrannical Dictatorship where Political, Religious and Racial Oppression is the norm and starvation and suffering of the people will be a normal way of life. 

Ridiculous you might say and my response would be that 10 years ago, we would never have dreamed that we would actually have a President Elected who would be committing such High Crimes and Misdemeanors as Obama and his appointees and his administration have already committed.  The crimes we are aware of is in fact only the tip of the ice berg as to what we are not yet aware of.  Yes 10 years ago I too would never have believed it.  Yet it is all true. 

A news article I read today whose headline was:  La Raza CEO Janet Murguia,  says Americans Chanting 'USA! USA!' 'Made Me Angry'
Janet Murguia, La Raza, Latino Racists
Stop Illegal Immigration and Invasion of USA

Well now gee, isn't that a shame.  If she is truly so insulted or offended by the display of American Pride from some of the people who live here, well I really am really not aware of anyone or any Law that says she has to remain in this country or that she is not able to travel.  Perhaps she herself could immigrate to Mexico or maybe one of the many South American Countries, where she can be among only Latino or Hispanic People.  I say that because I think what really is at the cause of her problems, or what is really offending her is that there are in fact white people in this country.  Yes absolutely that is what I think it is.  I think that at the very core of her being, she hates white people.

I also find this occurring among other Latino/Hispanics.  Consider the phenomenon of recent years where the display of the American Flag, the Flag of our country somehow offends people who are living right here in our country.  Some of them are native born and some of them are naturalized citizens and yes the display of our national colors somehow offends them.  Naturally for those who are naturalized - meaning they were born in another country and came here and became citizens, then I can not help but wonder, why are they here, why did they seek to become citizens?  For those who were born in this country and are so offended by our flag, our culture, our traditions, our way of life, our language, our religious freedoms and everything else that is American.  If in fact they are that offended, then just leave and perhaps they can be happy elsewhere.  However I think I am actually expecting logic and reason from people who are incapable of either logic or reason.  I think I would have as much success if I expected the same logic and reason from people who might be residing in an insaneasylum.  I am also not the first person to observe that many of the people in our country who are very well educated and intelligent are actually very insane.  

I think that people like, Janet Murguia who is the CEO and President of La Raza are actually Criminally insane.  She refers to those who are legitimately protesting the Illegal Immigration and violation of our borders and our laws, and refers or implies that because she is of Hispanic or Latino Ancestry that the chanting of USA, USA is legitimately offensive?   All this and she runs an organization that advocates supremacy over all of the other races, an organization who very name "La Raza" meaning "The Race" (the Hispanic-Latino Race? However even that is an error on her part.  Or is it all just part of the scam and lies being perpetrated by those who are actually part of the " Racist" Azteca Agenda of Re-Conquest Movement. 

Those who are actually a part of The Azteca Movement are people who hope to re-establish what they think is part of the ancient lands of the Aztec, who were as we should all realize were similar to our American Indians.  ( I will no into greater details soon about that subject)

In closing at the moment, it should be understood by all that the Objection to Illegal Immigrants Invading Our Country, the USA is NOT about Race of Ethnicity, it is about the Immigration Laws of our country being enforced and those entering obeying the laws.  If you enter by violating the Law, then you are automatically ineligible to immigrate or even enter.  It is also about a proper screening for criminal background of applicants and it applies to everyone.

In Reality those Hispanics in this country who support Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants are doing so because they are supportive of the Goals and objectives of the "Racists"  Azteca Agenda of Re-Conquest.


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