Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015
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Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
Explosives and Demolitions

Explosives and Demolitions Experts are vital in any war effort in not only disrupting supply lines and troop movement, they are also vital in training Gurilla Units, Commandos and a Resistance Force.   There training is very complecated and requires a degree of intelligence and expertise.  It's one thing to look at a bridge or railroad track and know you have to blow it up to disrupt supply lines and kill people and then it is an entirely different matter to actually make it happen.  You have to determine to thickness of an object, weak point of the material and how many sticks of ninomite or C4 to use.  All this take careful calculation and then you have to determine what type of detonator to use.  

There are many things to consider such as time delay required in order to get your people out of the people out of the area before the detonation does occur becasue once you blow
that thing up the enemy will be searching the entire area for any living human who could have been responsable. That enemy will also have access most likely to hellicopters, aircraft as well as foot patrol in a search that will no doubt in in death for whoever was responsable.  You can not have you Guilla Force or Resistance fighters wiped out and achieve only blowing up a bridge or a few enemy vehicles.  Those vital troops are not easily replaced. Higher command will be the ones who will determine if the target is worth the effort becasue depending upon the enemy's nature there may also be repercussions inflicted upon whatever civilian population is in the area at the time.

If you have a bridge that links over a gorge and is a key route for resupply by vehicle then it could very well be desired, but at what price will it be achieved.  If I was the enemy certainly
that bridge would be where I have already in place a large enough security force to prevent guillas or commandos from getting to it.  However from the standpoint of the guy that has to send in a team to blow it up, I will also know that even with the best security forces there will be securty holes where I can get to it.  I will also know that that bridge will not be easy to replace.  Whereas if I simply blow up a line of railway tracks and derail a train then over a stretch of land it could most likely be replaced within a day.  Thus it would be hardly worth the effort unless I just wanted to harrass the enemy and piss him off, again it might hardly bne worth the effort and risk to my valuable commando troops.

Now suppose that I have located a deserted dusty road traveled by the enemy to bring troops and much needed supplies of food, ammunition and weapons to one of their remote outposts. Well then in that case it might be worth setting up an ambush and killing the accompaning enemy troops and resupplying my own guilla forces.  In this case I will still need at least one demolitions expert and go over the ambush stradegy with him and will most likely be using RF remote detonators to explode when that convoy enters the kill zone.  However I still will know that most likely someone in that convoy will get be able to send an SOS and coodinates of the convoy and I will soon be dealing with enemy helicopters looking for me.  Bottom line is all things must be considered and the effort must be weighted as to the effectiveness of the ambush versus the loss of the lives of my men.

Now if the ambush, rather simply blowing up something or targetting enemy troops and the operation is in a civilian area, there will be different things to consider.  First your guilla force can simply blend in with the local population and in the chaos and confusion emediately afterward can just disappers and disapear to fight another day.  If the enemy is a foreigh enemy and is already hostile toward the local population, then repercussions will also certainly occur.  Depending upon the effectiveness of your operation you may have killed 20 of the foreighn occupation forces but also comndemed 40 of the local innocent population whose only goal themselves was to surviuve the nightmare of having been unfortunate enough to be living in the occupied area.

Now if the entire scenario was perhaps a race war between two racial or ethnic groups then most likely anyone still alive before your attack will be those who are somehow in sympathy with your enemy.  In a true race or ethnic war once your enemy has conqored a specific geographical area,  he will most likely has already slaughter the other racial or ethnic group.  Therefore that consideration already dismissed by you the objective then becomes to inflict as much damage to the enemy as possible.  The other possible scenario includes that enemy maintaning hostages and your efforts may include resue of those hostages.