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Even Democrats warn, Uncontrolled Flood of Immigrants will destroy Us, Our Culture, Society and Nation
by Randal M. Bundy - 22 October 2014
Uncontrolled Immigrant Invasion from third world countries
The Democrat Mayor Of Athens Georgia Nancy Denson is just one of many cities and communities across the United States who are warning of the federal government’s uncontrolled permitting of refugees into the country and resettlement of them in cities across the country and the resulting drain on public services. 

The Obama administration has permitted and actually invited and encouraged what is the highest rate of Refugee into our country in it's entire history.  We are simply becoming overwhelmed by those who are really Not compatible with our own society, culture and populations.  They will in time eventually overtake us and that is when the real persecution will begin.  Not by white people, or the blacks, Hispanic or Asian-Orientals already here, but from the very same third world people who we allowed to immigrate here.  In their own societies they are not taught tolerance as we are in our country, they are in fact taught the exact opposite. 

These refugees are coming here with the attitude that, "we own them something" and that "they are entitled to be taken care of by them".  Somehow and by someone they have been taught this as they could never have expected this while they lived in their own countries of origin.  I suspect that it is the Obama administration itself who is behind this attitude these immigrants all seem to share.

In the past administrations it was standard policy to allow entrance into this country by people who possessed education or skills that would allow them to obtain gainful employment without putting Americans out of work, but 99% of those currently admitted since Obama's presidency have been people who are from  war-torn countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and as soon as they get off the boat or plain, go straight to the Government Offices where they obtain immediate benefits, all paid for by Americans Tax Payers who are lucky enough to actually have a job. 

These people do not speak the language of this country, nor do they have any knowledge of the culture or laws and they have no expressed desire to learn any of those things either.  They have little or no job skills that translate into trades in a modern economy such as the U.S.

One of the American Organizations that is behind this is New York City based "International Rescue Committee Inc., which provides resettlement services for the federal government on a contract basis.  That organization has said it wants to transplant 150 refugees who are fleeing Iraq, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burma.  No doubt this organization is one of the many which is created, run and staffed by Obama supporters and contributors and has benefited from Obama's Crony Capitalism.  Of course those who really pay the price are the American people who are born in this country, be they black, white, Asian-Oriental and others.

This is not a racial issue on the part of those who are in this country, but the simple fact remains that with the flooding of aliens into our country in such numbers that they can not integrate properly and they seem to refuse to integrate at all, yet they will sooner that imagined will economically collapse what is left of an already an economy in crisis.  The native born American citizens can not themselves obtain meaningful employment, how can this economy every recover when we keep adding to the rolls of the public those already unemployed who have been moved from the unemployment line to the welfare line if they were lucky enough to even qualify.  For those who were not so lucky, are now homeless.  Not only regular American citizens but shamefully we have also done this to the large sector of American Veterans who have faithfully served their country.  Unemployed, homeless, and unqualified by the Federal Agencies, yet thousands are welcomed as part of Obama’s intended invasion of America and the destruction of our society.

Communities across the entire country simply can not accommodate the influx of refugees, as well as regular immigrants and the horde of illegal immigrants which the Federal Government is now imposing upon all communities.  With the rising numbers of those from third world countries so will the crime rates rise as well as Racial Gangs created from these groups, as well as racial assaults by these racial and ethnic groups toward the Native born population.  Simply those White, Black, and Asian who are already residence of the community will be either pushed out or will flee as a result.  The leftist multiculturalists have actually learned Nothing from the failure of cities like Detroit.  But all along the trail of destruction of our country and our society you will find many leftist-Progressive Cronies and Obama supporters who have made fortunes off the intentional Destruction of America Society.  This was what destroyed the Roman Empire and it will destroy our country as well.

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