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Eve of the 2014 Mid-Term Elections Obama Rallies Base
with Jew Hatred

by Randal M. Bundy - 03 November 2014
Obama AntiJewish / Anti-Israel
Here we see Obama the Anti-Jewish / Anti-Israel President.  Look at that face of hatred and evil and look into the eyes and see a glimpse into that soul hidden within.
In typical Muslim fashion, in a speech on the eve of mid-term election, Obama resorts to "Blame the Jews".  If you loose an election, Blame the Jews, if the people finally get tired of your shit, Blame the Jews.  If the Palestinians fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel killing innocent woman and children, Blame the Jews.  If the Israelis Retaliate, which they must and pound the hell out of the Palestinian Positions from where the Rockets were fired from and innocent Palestinians are inadvertently killed, Of Course, Blame the Jews and Of Course never speak a derogatory word about the Palestinian Terrorists who fired those rockets from civilian locations.  Never mention the Rockets being fired first by the Palestinians.

I wrote an article on the day the Abomination that came to power titled: Lament For American And The Entire World.  Now I am no psychic, just a student of History of which I have learned quite well.  History really does repeat itself, primarily because idiots who have not learned from history keep making the same mistake over and over again, by voting for people who are either idiots themselves who did not learn from history or who themselves have an evil agenda.  

Obama falls into this later category.  He will say things that he does not mean, things he does not believe and makes promises he has absolutely no intention of keeping.  There is one exception and that is that he has through his Islamic Upbringing learned to hate Israel and the Jews.  He will never admit it any more than he will acknowledge being Muslim.  However judging by his actions and veiled messages through out his speeches, one has to be ignorant to not recognize it.

Now one day the truth will come out, as will the truth regarding all of the other lies he has told, plus the lies he has been living all these years.  When he was elected I said at that time, the people who voted for him and supported him were their own worst enemy.  I said that all of Obama's supporters were either in a drunken stupor or a drug induced euphoria comma.  I also said that some of his supporters actually did know exactly who and what he was and their support for him was because they agreed with his evil ideology and goals for America, our society and the world.

My support for the Jews and for Israel does not originate from any religious or biblical teachings or beliefs.  It comes from simple history, knowledge and observation of current events.  Every time Palestinians launch rocket attacks against Israel or send commando squads across the border to slaughter unarmed and innocent Jewish Woman and Children and the Elderly, anyone other than an armed and able Israeli Soldier, for some reason the their are no shortages of people who react with utter silence.  Yet if one Palestinian Youth throwing rocks at Israeli Border Guards, trips and stubs his toe all you hear from the International Community is Outrage, Condemnation of Israel and the Jews, Foaming at the mouth like Rabid Dogs.  Sympathy for the Devil is what it is. It is a sickness common among scared weaklings on a school yard play ground while a bully is picking on one weak youth, the other weaklings shun the victim and try to befriend the bully.  In this case the Bully is the Palestinian Terrorists.  Some of us have courage enough to actually stand up and side with those being victimized and we stand up against the Bully.

See the picture of Obama above, Here we see Obama the Anti-Jewish / Anti-Israel President.  Look at that face of hatred and evil and look into the eyes and see a glimpse into that soul hidden within.

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