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Europe Under Attack From Islamic Fifth Column
by Randal M. Bundy - 15 February 2015
Copenhangen Gunman

European Politicians can shake their heads, wring their hands and utter denials of the reality that Europe is being systematically attacked, but the facts speak for themselves.  Europe in presently in a State of War,  although most of the Governments will not acknowledge it officially.  The attacks in France, England and now Demark as well as deliberate attacks upon individual non-Muslims is ramped in all European Countries.
Copenhagen Shooting
To find those deserving of the blame for all of this, you need only look toward NATO and the EU and it's programs to push Muslim immigration upon all countries of Europe and the rest of the Non-Muslim World.

I am not saying that all Muslims are at fault as I am sure that somewhere within the midst of the hordes of Muslims that now have invaded our countries there must be some who are "moderates" who want to live peacefully within our societies. 

However with the general consensus of the majority of Muslim insistence upon introducing Sharia Law upon their communities presently and in the future imposing it upon the entire populations there will never be peace or coexistence.  Additionally with the well known fact that the Mosques employ Mafia style structure and tactics of enforcement upon their people and within their communities toward all.  What will exist will be War between them and us, the Muslims and the non-Muslims until the Muslims have been driven out of Non-Muslim Lands.  The alternative or failure to do so will mean evential slaughter and enslavement for those who fall victim to Islam and the Muslims.

How easily and willingly the political leaders forget the lessons of history.  How easily they also forget the causes of the Lebanese Civil War of not too many years ago.

Copenhagen Shooting

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