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Fredrik Hagbergs speech to the Ukrainian Revolution
Drömmen om Skandinavien

Nordisk Ungdom
Vi är Nordisk Ungdom / We are Nordic Youth Nordisk Ungdom

To my brothers and Sisters in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and all European Countries and around the World; 

We have now all begun to realize the importance of working together in these difficult times that we are now faced with. There is now, as there has in the past existed those forces who are our natural enemies who are trying to manipulate us into conflicts among ourselves.  We all should understand who these forces are and that their motive is to keep us divided as a people.  We must all keep in mind and remember the diabolical strategy and tactic of our enemies.  Our enemies will create incidents, activity and crisis which is intended to weaken us, keep all of us preoccupied, distracted, divided and conquered.  Their ultimate intent is to annihilate us as a race.  Our survival as a people is at stake and we are only divided by language and minor cultural differences, but we are all the same race of people of Europe and we must fight together against our common enemies or we will parish from this earth. - 
Randal M. Bundy

Europe & The Resistance
by Randal M. Bundy

All of Europe is under threat from several things.  First is the leftist ideology which has brought these problems on to their society.  The establishment of a European Union which is a collective of leftist elitists for the most part, who think they have the right to make decisions that effect all of the citizens of every country who is a part of this union.  The leftists with their illogical ideology have accomplished what every European Dictator was not able to accomplish by force, they have accomplished by corrupting the legal system and construing laws to fit their goals.

The Threat also exist from the very same black population of immigrants brought into European Countries by the leftist, who have signed on to what is known here in the United States as Black Liberation Theology.  In Black Liberation Theology, what is promoted to the white population is  Collective Guilt of all of white society because of some wrong doing by some of our white ancestors  toward the black people as part of colonization.  It is of course pure bullshit and is what we in the United States refer to as a shuck and a jive.  For those in Europe who are not familiar with American Slang, that means they are “scam artists” of sort, playing upon the naiveté of inexperienced young white people who have had little exposure or experience with o black hustlers.  It is promoted by race hustlers like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpten who are race baiters who make a living off of shaking down the white population.

To accept the collective guilt of the white population of today for what some ancestors may or may ot have done is like trying to blame the current population of Germany for any wrong doings by the Nazis of world war 2 or even to blame all of the Germans who lived at that time in Germany. 

This so called collective guilt must be addresses by the Population of all white society with anger and rage, because it is in fact a racial assault against the white population and is part of our enemies attempts at white genocide.

The leftists multicultural white people who agree with and or peddle any of this collective white guilt are in fact people with mental disorders of some sort.  Like true psychopaths their actions do not have to make sense to anyone other than themselves and their motives are equally as illogical.  They should be treated as traitors.

If any of us are stupid enough to actually fall for any of this so called Black Liberation Theology, then I suggest that we all consider the fact that during the Ottoman Empire millions of people property and lives were taken.  Should the present Turkish people forever be held to blame for what they had no hand in, no responsibility for?  Of course the answer is no, they are not to be held responsible, so why should the current white populations anywhere of the planet be held to believe that in order to atone for the claimed sins of our ancestors, should we accept any guilt?  Why should we comply with what they really want, which is participating and compliance of our own Genocide by racially breeding us out of existence or submitting passively to our own annihilation.

The time to fight is now.  Drive out those elements who are behind this White Genocide, rather they are of the Black Race, the Muslims, or any other race, or our own people who are themselves traitors, some of whom peddle this same ideology to our own people.  Somehow they think that in the chaos and Genocide they will rise to the surface by a grateful black population whom they assisted black supremacists, however in the end their white skin will also place them in the same grave as those whom they betrayed.

Many white Liberal English South Africans and Rhodesians who sided with the Black supremacists who took over these two countries now see that white Genocide includes them and their family too.

So in summarizing this situation since we can conclude that collective guilt does not exist , is not correct and the only conclusion for it being promoted is an act of racial assault by black supremacists seeking white genocide. 

All of white society in Europe, regardless of Language or cultural divides among them should understand this and come to the realization they are all targets for Genocide.  This World War Three is like no war any of us have ever faced before because what is at stake here if we fail to realize it, is the total annihilation of our race itself.

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