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Randal M. Bundy

End of American and the Rise of Civil War
by Randal M. Bundy

It is clear to me. this current President and his Kronies who have taken over every aspect of the Federal Government are intentionally effecting policies to destroy our Country, The United States and our entire Society.  While opening the flood gates of our country to invading forces who intend to destroy us, those in power are determined to disarm disarm us so that we can not defend ourselves, our families and our country.  They have moved to violate the 1st  Ammendment to the Constitution by enact restrictions of Freedom of Speech, thus silencing political opposition.  They have Converted Federal Agencies from being non-political agencies providing serving to all the people to now being tools for persecution against Obama and the leftists political opponents.  Consider the scandals of the IRS, Justice Department, DHS, CIA, NSA and all of the other Federal Agencies who are NOT targeting the true enemies of the USA and it's people, but are in fact targeting the American people themselves.

I have been a student of History for my entire life.  Anyone who implies they have graduated from being a Student and have become an expert is a fool.   A student of history is a student for their entire life, they do not graduate at any particular time and they do not really become experts either.  The subject of History is vast and time consuming and the important goal is "To Learn From Hisotry" and therein lies the problem of modern day society in American, only half of the people have actually learned from their history lessons and the other half are ignorant or they are willing to surrender their freedoms and those of their fellow countrymen.  We have seen this before in every single country that fell to communism and dictatorship.  We saw the rresults of it with Hitler and the Nazi Party.

My favorite quote of all times is, "Those who have not learned from history are doomed to repeat it."  Unfortunately it appears as though we are all about to see the repeat of some of the same mistakes made by those who ruled these great societies of ancient times, such as the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire.  Those mistakes made by those who ruled these empires was the cause of their eventual downfall and they have never achieved their former greatness.

The United States is now doomed because those entrusted to lead with the best interest of the country and society have failed to learn from the mistakes of the Past.  Civil War will certainly come to the United States and the eventual disintegration of this great country as it did in those empires I have mentioned and for the same reasons.  It will be a very dark and bloody time.  Many people will die, the economy will calapse, there will most like be race wars and also wars between ethnic groups

I could go into great details about the reasons for the fall of both the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire, but the subject would be far longer than most people would be willing to site through to read, so instead I encourage the reader to explore these subject and you too will see a shocking similarity in the mistakes which our Elected and Entrusted Leaders have made and are still making.  You can not allow a mass of people into your country who are in fact an invading army who has the long term goal of destroying your society and taking control of power, and that is exactly what you have.  

There is one very important difference between the downfall of these former Empires and the United States.  In the case of the formerly mentioned Empires, the mistakes seemed to be due to incompetence whereas our downfall is an intentional act committed by people who clearly are orchestrating policies designed to weaken us and eventually destroy us.  Some of those in Political Power and various positions of power through out the 3 branches of Government are either themselves part of this intended destruction or they have in some way either been bought off or they have fallen victims of some sort of blackmail.  Instead of doing the honorable thing and resigning, sighting an inability to effective serve and protect their country and and there society,  they remain in power.  Perhaps even those who are blackmailing them have required the stay on and function as accomplices.  Think about the old quote, "Keep you friends close but keep your enemies closer".  If in fact you are someone like Barak Obama, you do not necessarily want your political enemies eliminated as  it would serve you well to have them in a position where you can blackmail them into voting exactly the way you want them to. Furthermore by having them vote yes on the same issues deliberately confuses those who are fighting against the Tyranny.  Take for example two key important issues before us:  The Amnesty Proposition where we grant 20 million illegal immigrants citizenship, thus completely upsetting the entire society and the Obamacare Matter.  The Conservatives demand appeal of Obamacare and the securing of the boarder and not rewarding those illegal immigrants with citizenship.  Initially the conservative voting base was told by the republican like Banner and the rest that they would fight for these issues and now they are voting along the same lines as to what Obama and those pushing for them.  This is what leads me to believe that blackmail has a hand in the decision making process of some of those Republicans in office. They will in fact vote exactly the same as the democrate party members who are trying to destroy the country.  In this manner you weaken the general popular opposition by depriving the population of any effective opposition Leadership. 

This is exactly what I think has happened with people like John Bainor, Justice Roberts, and many other so called Conservative Republicans who seem to vote right along with the policies of the Leftist Democrats.

I encourage people to research the following and see the similar circumstances with downfall of America.  There are far too many article available on the Internet or in Libraries for me to provide a complete list and links.

01 - Fall of the Mycenaean Civilization
02 - Fall of the Greek Empire
03 - Fall of the Roman Empire

In conclusion I see no other alternative for saving our Country and our society than a Civil War.  There are in fact half of the population who loves this country and like me sees it crumpling before their very eyes.  This civil war will  occur, not because of my words spoken here.  It will occur because eventually every single man and woman in this country will finally come to the understanding that the enemy which is being allowed to flood in has full intention of killing us and taking what we have.  I do not know how more clearly to put it than that.  Compare it to your own home where you live.  What would you do if someone arrived at you door, kicked the front door in and barged their way in.  They tell you, we want your house and while they are their they also decide to rape your wife and teenage daughter.  You and your entire family may very well end up dead, so what are you going to do?  If your answer is, "well maybe I can reason with them, maybe if we are nice to them they will reconsider, maybe if we cooperate they will not hurt us".  It is a fool who does not recognize impending danger and it is a coward who will not fight to protect their family, themselves, their society and their country.

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