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Dreamers Stage GOP Mock Funeral In Congress saying, "Republican Party Is Dead To Us
by Randal M. Bundy - July 21. 2014
Illegal Aliens Stage Mock Funeral
The Republican Party, The Conservatives, Tea Party and Patriot Americans already know that these illegal Aliens and Illegal Immigrants will already vote predominately Democrat because they will vote for whoever promises them the free Giveaways.  Republic, Conservatives, Tea Party, and American Patriots are NOT opposed to legal and controlled immigration.   What we are opposed to is the uncontrolled flooding of our borders, and the further depletion of our national wealth and resources and those who will obviously become a burden upon our nation or a threat to its people.

Those who have circumvented the long standing principles and requirements by those have invading our
country, have not received proper medial screening to prevent outbreaks of serious disease and viruses.   They have also not been screened with any type of proper background investigation for criminal history or  psychological disorders.  When they are captured they are simply given a summons to appear on a certain date at an immigration court hearing, which the overwelming majority fail to show up for.

It baffles me how any one could actually think that those who have already committed crimes by entering our country illegally would even entrertain the thought of actually comply with this law to appear in a court which would decide rather they could stay or be deported.

It used to be that American required those who were granted permission to enter our country to actually be people who could contribute to the overall health of the country.  Those who were educated in some particular educational qualifications, skills or trades which would help them to maintain viable employment.  It was also necessary for the applicant to sign a form stating they understand they would not be eligible for welfare of public assistance.

I know this to be fact because I was once married to a foreign national who did learn to speak English, and she learned the history of this Country including the Constitution of the United States. 

She waited her turn in line, followed all of the procedures for immigration and after studying she could recited any aspect of American History asked and could give an hour long discussion in English about it.   She could also tell you the names in sequence of every American President from the very beginning with George Washington.  She could also tell you the names of the majority of the founding fathers, with an explanation of what significant role they played in the founding of this country.  That is quite an accomplishment for anyone and most especial for a person whose first language was NOT English.  Although we are no longer married, she is the mother of my child and granmother of my grandaughter and I do admire her for all of the qualities mentioned above.  Furthermore she never expressed any resentment or distain for American or the American People.  I am also pleased that she has always been a Conservative Republican as well as a successful Business Person and is totally self sufficient and has never asked for nor received a single dime from from Public Assistance.  She is in essense a "Good American" and a credit to this country and society as most of the Immigrants of the past to this country.

The intention of these "little Dirt Bags" from South of our Border, who are actually an invassion force is that if we give in to their ridiculous demands from them, the illegal immigrants demanding citizenship after violating our immigration laws.  Their treat is that if we do not grant them immediate citizenship, then they will not vote for the Republicans.  However I assure my readers these people will never vote for Republicans anyway and they have never had any intentions to do so.  . 

If the Democrats and Obama are successful at granting by Presidential Order to grant them all, 20 million or so instant citizenship, then American as any of us have known it and as it once was,  will never be able again.  The illegal’s with their third world mentality will essentially turn it into another third world country as they all attempt to obtain every financial resource the can from our country.

This is not a Hispanic movement necessarily but what it is, is an Azteca Agenda of Re-Conquest.
Considering the this recent wave of Illegal’s amount to somewhere around 600,000 and of course if the are allowed to stay then they can arrange for all of their relatives to enter.  Once a majority has been attained in numbers and they control the entire system of government, They will also begin a campaign of persecution with the long term goal of “Racial Cleansing” of the Cotenant of all who are not of their Race. It is in fact spelled out clearly by organizations like La Roza (Translated as "The Race"). 

Those who will be exterminated will be white and blacks alike.  They are unable to achieve this in Mexico because the ruling elite in Mexico are primarily of White European Spanish Descendants and some who are mixed to some degree and are not at all tolerant of their agenda.  So Mexico is more than glad to get rid it’s trouble makers.  Some people might remember back a number of years when the Mosquito Indians of Southern Mexico attempted to establish it’s own autonomous region and the Mexican’s Put down that Revolution very quickly.  We these illegal immigrants are some of those same Mesquite Indians, but in American they are viewed and impoverished Mexicans.  The ruling class of Mexico does not fit into the category of La Roza because of it’s European Spanish Ancestors, even the ones who may be of Mixed Race.

So called, "Dreamers" who more correctly are actually illegal’s "Illegal Aliens" or "Illegal Immigrants".  I note the ridiculousness of these "little Dirt Bags" from whatever Banana Republics they came from.  It really is very simple.  The people of the United States of America have been far too generous toward those of the third world.  We did not create the obvious economic and social problems that exist in their home Countries.  We have tried to assist the third world for more over 100 years that I know of and all of the  money spent has just been thrown away.  The more we give, they more they want.  The more we provide, the more they take.  All of the education we tried to provide for them free of charge, have proven to be a complete waist.

I often visit American National Parks and Forests in the United States.  I see signs put up by National Park Service Officials that say:

Please Do Not Feed The Bears Or Other Wildlife, They Will Become Dependant Upon Food  Handouts And Will Forget How To Hunt Food and Provide For Themselves.

Oh how true that simple warning is.  The so called Dreamers, the dream is over thanks you you and the millions who all are trying to feed from the same troth and have never contributed a damn think.  These Illegal’s flood over our borders and act as though they have some right our lands and resources.

Illegal Aliens and Illegal Immigrants go home to the land that you have come from.  If the situation was reversed could we possibly receive aid a support form any of you or your countries or Governments?  Absolutely not for in that 100 years none of you have every lifted a finger to help us in those rare occasions that we suffered natural disasters, although America has always been first on the scene to help those who are in need and we are lucky to actually receive a sincere,. Thank You” or any attempts to repay us.  However what we do receive is contempt from those who we have helped and a conspiracy to take over our lands and annihilate us and our families.

We who are aware and in the media know exactly what The Secret Agenda is.  It is the desire to conquer the American South West as part of what they call, “Aztlan Reconquista (Re-Conquering) and it means a race war between the Whites of European Ancestry and Blacks of African Ancestry and any other race or ethic groups who are not of Astlan

I assure each and everyone of one of those who are part of this “Aztlan Conquest and Their Intended Race Wars",  The Rivers Flowing into Mexico will run RED with the blood of your fallen, because we are quite aware of your intentions of "Ethnic Cleansing" if  you are successful in your Dreams of Conquest by numbers.  I assure you we will prevail and defeat you and your survivors will be exilled back into the Jungles and Deserts of Mexico, Central American and South America from which you have originated.

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