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Dream Army of Illegal Aliens
by Randal M. Bundy - 24 October 2014
Look at the Picture below of the Illegal Aliens attempting to appear to be in Military Stance of Parade Rest.  What's Wrong with this picture? 

They have only 49 Stars on their flag, and the rows have the wrong number of stars in each row.
American Flag Comparison
Other than they are what is Called Obama's "Dreams". who expect and even demand free Citizenship and rights to vote after either they or their parents came here illegally.  Don't be fooled either by their various T-Shirts and organizational Names they have.  They are actually very small in numbers, but change different shirts and organizational names and slogan often to appear to be larger in numbers.  Main Stream media also collaborates with them and stage pictures in such a way that the casual viewer thinks the are a large movement.  They are what some called "Rent a Mob".

Clearly there is an organization behind this move in addition to these people who themselves are illegal aliens and not qualified to be here or serve in our military.  However as astonishing as it is, they obviously are not any more interested in the history and culture of our country than they are obeying and complying with its Laws.  They can not even get it right on how many stars the flag contains.  Was it an error on the part of whoever designed the T-Shirt and then the error was repeated yet again by whoever approved and authorized paying for it's reproduction?  Then when it was sent to a printer for mass production, he got it wrong too.  All of the leftists idiots all along the way overlooked what to me was obvious and stood out like a sore thumb.

Am I the only one who noticed this?  Perhaps because I have served in the Military and saluted that flag twice a day, once in the morning and again once in the evening, unless we were in combat and unable to salute it.
Here below you will see the comparisons between the Correct Flag and their Incorrect Flag.  Disregard the color of their flag as it was designed to mimic the Military Subdued color scheme used on combat fatigues.  That color in this case is acceptable, although I would not have chosen to display the authentic Red, White and Blue.

Unless we have lost a state then their depiction of our Flag is incorrect.  I think personally that it is like a "Comedy of Errors" and is "Poetic Justice" and maybe even a sign of their actual dishonesty and Intent.  It also reflect to me that these people are not Truly Patriotic toward America or what it stands for, or it's history and culture. If in fact they were, one of them, someone, somewhere along the line would have notice, they were actually wearing a "Bastardized Flag".   They are in fact snot-nosed little brats who have been encouraged by Obama and the leftists in their ridiculous demands upon the rest of us True Americans.

If they are going to wear the Flag of my country, they should do so in a proper and respectful manner.  The same holds tru if are willing to wear the Uniform of our Military, they should do so with pride and respect by getting it right.

As a note, when in the Army I was a Spec4 up for Promotion to Sergeant E5, I had to study and know all about the flag and it's history.  This is something that I think All American Children should be taught in school and as a requirement to graduation from High School.  Perhaps people might take a little more pride in the History and Culture if they understood the flag itself.  Perhaps also they might have a little more respect for the Laws of the Land.  One such law is that their is a procedure in place for people to Legally Immigrate to the United States.  There is also a procedure of properly getting onto the waiting list.  Many people have been on that list for over 5 years to get a chance at become Americans too.  If people like we see in the above photo are permitted to circumvent those procedures and laws by cutting through the line and then expect to be rewarded with citizenship and voting rights, then that alone should be grounds for their permanent exclusion from Immigration.  Otherwise what example would we be making for the other hordes of people who would crash the border and invade our country.  Perhaps this fact alone is why we have so many people already crashing the border and ignoring our laws.- Randal M. Bundy - 24 October 2014

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