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Does Obama Have Horns?
by Randal M. Bundy - 11 Sptember 2014
Perhaps a message or Warning from GOD?  Maybe it is becoming more difficult for Obama to continue with his Masquerade and worldwide deception?  Perhaps the "Real Obama" is becoming more clear, visible and obvious?
Obama Horns
Was this placement of Obama in such a way as to make him appear to have horn's just an accident or a fluke?  At first I thought it was and that his advisors and handlers just themselves did not notice it.  However the more I think about it, I don’t think that is the case.  I think it was actually deliberately staged this way and that Obama himself was quite aware of it.  What would the odds be that it was an accident?  How many advisors and assistants does he have and all of them would have had to be blind of the symbolism behind this accident?  No my friends this was staged actually by Obama himself. 

Obama has now already entered his "Megalomania Stage" and "Symbolism" plays a great deal of importance to someone with the "Mental Disorders" that Obama does have.  This is some kind of 
Subliminal Message" deliberate created.  However as all "Subliminal Messages are, it was intended to be subtle and not notice by the conscience mind.  However a person with an analytical mind and a Trained Investigative Background, which I have can not help but notice it immediately.  Remember these people deal very heavily in the "Subliminal Messaging" in an effort to manipulate emotions, feelings and reactions of the populous.  This is a common practice in "Advertising Agencies" and "Public Relations Firms" as well as the "Federal Government" and the "Intelligence Agencies" they operate. 

The public has only become aware of it in recent years primarily due to insider leaks and whistle blowers who had worked in the "Advertising and Public Relations Industries" as well as the "Federal Government" and "Intelligence Agencies" whose job it is also to "Manipulate the Public", especially now and under the "Obama Marxist Type Administration".  Now in the case of the Private Sector Advertising Agencies, it is to sell a particular product, but with Government it is to Sell an Idea.  The Government is known to emplyee public Relations Experts who can spin fact and numbers and twist events to have the public believe whatever the Government wants.  In the case of the Federal Government it is at least a two fold program.  The Government has for many years employed these tactics of "Subliminal Messaging" in order to "Brainwash" in order to controlling what the public thinks and what they will believe.  Yes it is the thought police at work here on a "Grand Level" and it has actually been going on for at least my entire life.  

Now the real question is, "What is the Message Obama is sending?

Messianic movements and cults are based on the mass psychology of these “Luciferian” principles. It comes from basic human instinct to follow a great leader and therefore subconscious in many people. Tribal kings have often been worshiped as gods and that is ultimately the origin of it. This instinctive behavior has been studied by psychologists for more than a century and the knowledge has been used by some for manipulation of the masses, most notably by the Nazis and in the entertainment industry, from whence much of Obama’s support comes.

Obama says we have a “Spark” of God within at Nobel Prize Ceremony

If you prefer, this phenomenon can also be understood from a psychological point of view. Many have speculated that Obama is a pathological Narcissist, also popularly called an “egomaniac” or “megalomaniac.” Extreme, pathological Narcissists can be psychopathic and often believe they are a divine being, a prophet, mouthpiece of God or actually God, himself. That is, it is also about self-worship. Cult leaders are examples of extreme Narcissists. Extreme Narcissists are attracted to self-worshiping cult religions, because it suites the mentality of their psychological disorder. See this clip for more info about Obama and Narcissism.

Obama hints that he is “God” at 9/11 Memorial Service 2011

That an ordinary flesh-and-blood man will create a biblical, millennial “kingdom” on earth is an aspect of the Antichrist in the traditional Christian context. It seems that Obama and his allies often intentionally promote this idea that he is the “Antichrist” in order to incite fear in his opponents and also to make them objects of ridicule among his own supporters.

Some of his own supporters even believe that he is some kind of Christ-figure or messiah, because such belief has long existed in the various groups of the broader black-nationalist cult movement. It is not uncommon for dictators — or would be dictators — to insinuate that they are a prophet of God or God. Fidel Castro, for example used a pair of trained doves in one speech to suggest to the superstitious that he was the “anointed One.”

Obama says we can create a (biblical) kingdom here on Earth

The purpose of this note is not to attempt to to provoke hysterical “satanic panic,” but to put the perverse use of occult symbolism by Obama and his followers in historical perspective. The purpose of all of this peculiar symbolism used by Obama is to motivate followers and manipulate the public, using psychology that is instinctive to his followers. It may be to publicize his occult beliefs, but also to intentionally provoke conservative Christians, who may identify him with the “Antichrist.” He can use such hysteria to ridicule his opponents and animate his own supporters.

Politicians are often narcissistic and are particularly susceptible to the idea of self-worship. When politicians and their followers start suggesting that they should be worshiped like gods, as Hitler and other tyrants have done, perhaps you should start becoming concerned. The time to put a stop to that is early, rather than later. There have been many hints in Obama’s campaign and during his administration that he is divine or a god.

Liluth Aquino of the Temple of Set (aka Satan) explains that Satanists are Self-worshipers

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